Organization of only a Nursery and Sunbeam class


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I just got called to be PP of the new-to-be-formed primary. I am part of a Student Branch and there is also a larger ward here. Our branch up until just now has only had a nursery. When a student family's child was ready to graduate to Sunbeams, the family was asked to move to the ward where a full primary is established. Our numbers are small in the branch and it has been hard on many families who have been in the branch for the majority of their school program and had to move to the ward for their last 6 months to a year before they graduated and left. The Stake has decided to add a Sunbeam class to the Branch to help us retain more active families and keep our numbers up.

As part of my new calling, I need to organize how the the nursery and Sunbeam class are set up using as few staff as effectively possible (active branch adult numbers still low but baby numbers are high.) We estimate 5-7 kids in nursery and 4-5 kids in Sunbeams. Those numbers should be on the high end but we won't know until all families have moved in for the school year in September.

Is anyone else in a similar situation where they don't have any classes above CTR 3-4 but try to run some semblance of a primary? If so, how have you seen it organized? As always, final decisions will come through prayer but I thought it would help to know what other branches have done in similar situations.

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Consult with the Stake Primary Presidency. We have been a Branch for 25 years- and our primary has never been more than 12 kids total. The only time the numbers swell is when the summer vacation people arrive, and they are only here for one Sunday. So every Sunday during the summer we have new people visiting.

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I would suggest the sunbeam class have class time and sharing time just like the older classes do. Sunbeams learn structure that way. They also learn to sit in their seats and fold their arms, etc. They are old enough to give scriptures and talks too.

Yesterday I asked my Sunbeam what he learned in Primary. He said " Zip it, Lock it, and put it in your pocket." LOL I'm still giggling. I know he was taught more but he's a pretty active little guy (along with the other two pretty active little guys) so I'm sure that's what he remembers most.

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