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Walter F. Gonzalez - Sunday am session

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When we follow the commandments we can know with our hearts that Jesus is the Christ.

We can’t understand the scriptures completely unless we apply our hearts to understand them.

Surrounded by so much information we might feel that navigating millions of pages on the internet will give us all the information we need. It is not enough.

Read the scriptures, hearkening to the living prophet and pray.

We will then see and learn things that can’t be learned by modern technology.

Honest seekers of truth will know the truth by the spirit of the Holy Ghost.

Iniquity hampers our ability to see, feel and love others.

Remembering God reminds us how to feel and live.

Those who receive knowledge, not from flesh and blood, but from our Heavenly know with an assurity that Jesus is the Christ.

If we repent we will not suffer needlessly.

There is no burden that He can’t remove and heal.

Because of the resurrection we know that we will see and live with loved ones.

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