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Anyone else having NFS sign in problems?

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When I go to sign in, it gives me a message saying they have upgraded their sign in policy (I don't remember the exact wording) and tells me I am using the previous username/password, from before when it was LDS only. I wish I could remember the exact phrasing.

I contacted them and all I got were links for if you forgot your username or password.

I didn't forget. I used the same one I have always used. I then had it email me my username, just to see what would happen. It sent me the one I have always used.

I really do not want to change my password.

Any advice?

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Several months ago (possibly more than a year) they changed things so your sign in for everything is the same. So, is it possible that you changed your sign in for the LDS catalog? or Because if you did it changed your sign in for

BTW, You need to be signing into and going to the Family Tree link from now on. Do your work there. new family search will be going away after the first of the year according to Ron Tanner. I was at the Conference where this was announced.

Family Tree is awesome. After you sign in and click on the Family Tree link, then click on help to see the tutorials. They are easy to understand.

If you need the invite link to see the Family Tree link send me a PM.

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