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My family and I joined the chruch in Oct of 2011 so we've been members just over a year now. I was called as Activity Days helper at our branch in NE which turned in to being Acitivy Day leader. We live in a small branch so our Activity nights have between 7-10 kids and we have a mix of boys and girls since we don't have a scouting program seperately. To add to this we live in a small town with not many stores etc so the majority of our activities have to be done at the church. Any ideas for unisex activities that will keep both my girls and boys interested and wanting to come back. We have a range of agaes as well as some newer members and others who've been reaised in the church. Any help with ideas would be great. I've found lots of sites but most of it is geared towards the girls.

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I don't know if you've taken a look at Sugardoodle yet, but it has a whole page of stuff on Activity Days and also has a page for ideas for boys.

Considering that the only difference in the books for girls versus boys is that the girls have a section on preparing for young women and the boys for the Aaronic priesthood, it should be pretty easy to adapt all the other stuff where the goals are the same. It may be necessary to separate for some things. I hope you have an assistant to help you out.

Here is a blog that has good ideas. Other great resources include the Friend magazine and primary manuals, sharing time outlines and family home evening ideas which often have ideas that can be adapted to work well in Activity Days.

Good luck with your Activity Days. Having a mixed group of genders sounds like a fun and interesting challenge.

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