Dallin H. Oaks (Sunday pm session)

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All of the messages of this conference help us follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Like all Christians, members of the LDS faith study the life of the Savior.

Jesus taught that baptism was necessary to enter the Kingdom of God. We do likewise.

Jesus taught his followers to repent. We still believe this.

Jesus taught his followers to keep His commandments.

We know we should not be of the world and the followers of the world.

Jesus taught that his teachings should always be acted upon.

Jesus taught those that love Him would keep his commandments. They would be obedient.

Following Christ is not a casual thing..it's a continual commitment.

We partake of the Sacrament just as Christ taught on earth.

Jesus taught that we should always pray. Like other Christians we pray in all of our services. We have personal and family prayers. We pray to our Father in Heaven and in the sacred name of Jesus Christ.

Christ called 12 apostles to carry on after his death. The LDS church follows this organization with the keys given to the apostles.

Jesus taught that when we are wronged by others we should forgive them.

Helping the needy is something that our members excel in.

One thing not well known is the huge humanitarian service the church provides.

We have missionaries in 150 countries worldwide.

We are heirs to our heavenly parents. Heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.

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