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There has been some confusion (even among the moderators) as to what subjects regarding sexual situations are now allowed on after the closing of the open forum.

I had a conversation with the president of The More Good Foundation (who own this website) regarding sexual conversations and discussions on Here are the new rules:

Any sexual conversation is now no longer allowed. This would apply to advice and general questions/discussion regarding sexual issues.

If you have questions/issues regarding masturbation - consult your Bishop.

If you are having sexual issues in your marriage - consult your Bishop or a qualified professional.

If you are having marriage problems due to infidelity - consult your Bishop or a qualified professional.

Any thread started with any kind of sexual conversation will immediately be closed. Posts on threads that have any kind of a sexual content or innuendo will be deleted.

This site caters to youth as young as 14. I brought up an argument that I’ve heard on this site numerous times. Fourteen year olds read about and hear about these issues all over the internet. Wouldn’t it be better to read about it on an LDS site? The response I got was, “That may be so, but they will not read about it here on”

The new rules are pretty cut and dry. Our goal is to have be a safe place where those that want to discuss gospel related subjects may do so. We would also like to be a place that investigators can come to get answers to gospel/theological questions regarding our beliefs. is to be an uplifting site. We don’t want showing up in the top 10 google search results for sexual conversations.

I’m going to close this thread to comments. If you have specific questions feel free to message me. But be aware, I will not debate the new rules. They are not open for debate.


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