Lying Down The Sword

Pa Pa

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Fractured light against the sky

As clouds conceal the westward flight.

Autumn colors that brightly shine

Announce the coming of the night.

The day is ending, as it should

Content that I have done my best.

While others bid me labor on,

I desire to be at rest!

With the ending now before me

To the victor goes the race,

The finish line is clearly drawn,

In the lines upon my face.

Like a warrior from the battle

For peace my should doth seek.

The spirit strong and willing

The flesh, so very weak.

Weep not for my family,

Weep not for me, my friend.

This is a new beginning,

And not a tragic end.

I am call to other labors

In the service of my Lord.

I'm not giving up the battle,

I'm just laying down my sword.

Dedicated to: Mary Margaret Bourne McQuade

William Edward Lee

Copyright 1998

Edited by Pa Pa
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