Silent Watcher


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Silent Watcher


As a child beside the curbstone

Watching each parade that passes

Is the Native in his homeland.

All the color and the fanfare,

All the banners flying gaily,

All the heavy tanks and mortar,

All the wealth and might of nations

Pass before his wondering glances.

Quite secure upon his curbstone

Sits the child of nature marveling.

Knowing deepwithin his spirit

Still Earth Mother soon will call him.

"Come, my child for this is over.

Come into the hills and forests.

Let me show you greater glories --

How the fern leaf curls in spring time,

How the moon glows on the water,

How to raise your arms at dawning

Drawing deep the air of freedom.

Come and watch with me at sunset

All the banners of your father,

Mighty Sky-Chief. all his colors

Flung across the great lodge doorway.

I will whisper and assure you

Of the love we bear each other.

By the Sky-Chief's rain you thirst not;

From my harvests I will feed you;

From the fields and from the forests

Medicine to heal your illness.

For your spirit all the glory,

The security of knowing

You are safely with your parents.

Rest, my child.  The day is over."


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