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Robert D. Hales - Sunday p.m. Session

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This is Easter Sunday and a day of gratitude in remembrance of the atonement.


We worship Him.  We are grateful for our freedom of religion, assembly, speech and agency.


Some call evil good and good evil.


As those around us make choices as to how to respond to our beliefs, we must not forget that moral agency is an essential part of the eternal plan.


This includes the gift of agency.


Our exercise of agency to keep the commandments let’s us figure out who we are.


To keep the commandments we need to know the official doctrine of the church so we are not influenced by the whims of individuals.


It is not too late to make the same choice again to follow Christ as we did in the preexistence.


Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.


The faithful use of our agency depends on us having religious freedom. We know that Satan does not want us to have this freedom.


4 cornerstones of religious freedom:


Freedom to believe

Freedom to share faith and our beliefs with others.

Freedom to form a religious organization

Freedom to live our faith


The Lord commandments us to not only pray privately but to go forth and share.


The general lack of respect of religious viewpoints is quickly turning to intolerance.


As disciples of Jesus Christ we have a responsibility to work with like minded individuals.


We are all invited to share our personal conviction with love.


It is a love of liberty which inspires my soul - Joseph Smith Jr.


We need to become informed and aware of the issues in our communities.


In individual capacity join with others to protect religious freedom


Live your live by your word and your deed.


Don’t walk….run.  Run to receive the blessings of agency and following the Holy Ghost to exercise the freedom to do His will.


May we freely choose to follow Jesus Christ today and always.


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