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This might be a very dumb question, sorry!! But for the upcoming year, I want to do this for our bulletin board. (I uploaded a picture of it) But how do I print it out on a larger scale? I don't see how I could do it on my home computer. And instead of "primary 2017" I would put our ward name. Any ideas? 


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Are you on a PC?  Here's how I'd do it on a PC:

- Save the image to your computer, not the screen capture you're showing us here.  That little "X" in the top left will be a problem. 
- Open the image in MSPaint and make the changes you want.
- Save the file as a .png or a .jpg.  
- Open the file in Windows Photo Viewer - that has a pretty friendly print menu.  To get the right size, select the paper size you're going to print, and either "fit picture to frame" or don't, depending on what looks better. 

Happy printing!

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