Serving a mission with a medical condition

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I plan on hopefully serving a mission next summer after I graduate from college (with the equivalent of a US Associates Degree). However, I have pernicious anemia and require a b12 injection every 2 months. My bishop is unsure of whether or not this would stop me and has tried asking other bishops and members of the stake presidency and not had any sort of answer back. My condition doesn't really affect my day to day life as long as my injections are kept up to date. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket, apply and my application gets declined I'm stuck for a year doing nothing as where I'm from, you can't apply for university after January. Does anyone know whether or not this would stop me or know someone my bishop or I could talk to?

Thanks in advance 

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The brother of my wife's brother in law served in a special mission in Utah because of medical issues, nevertheless, he was able to serve.  Also, I had a companion who was a cancer survivor, he had to travel 3 hours every 3 months to get a screening from a specialist.  He was my trainer and a great man.  He has since passed away after his cancer returned, however, he was able to serve in a completely normal capacity and faithfully completed his mission.  I seriously doubt you will have an issue as long as you are serving in a country where the appropriate medical services would be available.  Even if it were an issue, your Bishop and Stake President can vouch for you to make sure you are allowed to serve.

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