Broken Hearts


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His heartfelt blessings full of love
A promised hope of calm and peace
To all honest seekers thereof
In prayers and tears that never cease

I say, my brothers, sisters all
Who, in goodness, still hold trust
But question why they still feel small
And deem are lower than the dust

This meekness draws the eyes of God
Who loves you more than you will know
It’s humility He applauds
Your willingness to let it show

He answers every tear that falls
With care towards your broken fate
He guides you up above the walls
And lifts you to a higher state

Always there, He anxiously awaits
A Parent watching you in stride
For any chance to show His traits
And lead you Home where He abides

Oh then look up and never doubt
About the love He has for you
Pre-destined for a greater route
In your heart of hearts, believe it’s true.

Aeglyn Nov 2019

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