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I’m not sure where this topic goes, but this seems the closest topic so here goes. 

my wife and I are headed to Tahiti for our anniversary. We have set aside a day to visit the temple in Papeete, Tahiti. Has anyone ever visited the temple? Provide any insight on a visit there?

ive checked the LDS temple website and it says it has patron housing? Does anyone have any experience with that? Mostly I’m wondering about an on-site facility we can change our clothes before entering the temple. Our flight leaves LAX at 11pm and arrives in Tahiti at 6am. We have a car rental so we can get some breakfast and then head to the temple. Our hotel doesn’t allow checkin until 3pm. I don’t want to fly in my church clothes, so we where wondering about a place to change clothes, brush our teeth and freshen up a bit prior to going to the temple. 

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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Maureen- we’re staying at an Airbnb, I was planning on asking if we can get in early. Just depends on if there is someone checking out the day we check in. 

needleina- I thought I’d try this and of all else fails I can try calling. Problem is they speak French and I do not. Most likely they’d speak at least some broken English, but not sure. 

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