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Guest Scott

Sure blew that one

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Guest Scott
I was doing a lot of reading on the Coronavirus and found a lot of "interesting" articles from only four to six weeks ago.
Excerpts for one from only six weeks ago:
Right now, we have a handful of patients with this new virus here in the United States," said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC. "However, at this time in the U.S., this virus is not spreading in the community. For that reason, we continue to believe that the immediate health risk from the new virus to the general American public is low at this time......
So far, there has been no human-to-human transmission of the virus in the U.S., Messonnier said. Even if more cases come, it is unlikely to spread as it did in China, Vazquez said.
"I think here we're ready for it," he said. "Everything is in place. It has been in place since SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus) and then later on since Ebola. I don't think it will be that big of a deal here, I really don't. I'd hate for people to start freaking out and changing trips here. I think we are ready for a pre-emptive management."
One big difference is that public health systems here and in Canada and Europe are much stronger than where the virus is currently spreading. Vazquez said.
"I don't foresee seeing a lot of cases in North America and in Europe," he said.
Many articles basically say the same thing (inside and outside the US too).
This from Australia, also only six weeks ago:
"The Wuhan coronavirus has had a significant human toll. More than 100 people have died and nearly 3,000 are known to be infected, including some in Australia....
The economic cost is as hard to tease out as the health cost, but there are clues.
They suggest the coronavirus will have little impact on the global economy, quite a bit in China, and some in Australia, which will most likely be short-lived.....
This one should be smaller (than other pandemics)
Here’s what we know.
It’s not yet severe. Fewer than 100 people have died so far. The mortality rate is just under 3%. China has moved aggressively to contain the virus meaning it should have have less impact on gross domestic product than earlier pandemics.
There’s been minimal global impact. There have been few cases outside China. The countries with few if any reported cases are likely to suffer little impact, as correctly predicted by a Treasury discussion paper on the impact of SARS.
China and Hong Kong are the worst hit. The impact is likely be less than SARS because the coronavirus is less severe, because of China’s forthright containment efforts and because the outbreak has coincided with the Lunar New Year break...
The impact should be short-lived. With SARS, the economies of both China and the rest of the world rebounded shortly afterwards. To some extent, this coincided with the world emerging from an economic downturn. But other estimates suggest that even the impact of the severe 1918 pandemic was short-lived.
Different industries will be impacted differently. In impacted regions, tourism and consumer spending are likely to be the most significantly hit, as was the case in 1918. China has already suffered a significant reduction in travel expenditure. Other industries, including medical industries, will experience positive impacts. But given that the coronavirus is relatively contained, the impact is unlikely to spread those industries in other countries.
Taken together these points suggest the coronavirus is unlikely to significantly affect the world economy.
Based on what we know so far, the impact on China is likely to be short-lived."
There are many, many similar articles from the same time period.  Well I guess we (the whole dang world) blew that one. It was definitely underestimated.
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I like the ones where the WHO attacked Trump in early February for issuing a travel ban on China then the media attacked Trump in late February for not doing enough for corona virus spread.

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