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Salutations from Middle Earth!

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Good evening everybody! :cool:

I've been a member in here for a couple of years now, but only really been chatting for the past few weeks. I've met some pretty cool people in here, and some high-maintenance ones who don't seem to have a sense of humour lol - but then again, I'm a crazy kiwi, so perhaps it's a cross-cultural-misunderstanding *grin* ;)

I forgive them, because that's the kind, humble, loving, meek, innocent (did I mention humble) and ever so compassionate (did I mention humble) type of person that I am :lol:

I love life, and I love the Gospel. I love the thought of angels adminstering to us when we pray for guidance, strength, wisdom and protection. That rocks!

I am very grateful for the talents which my Heavenly Father has allowed me to develop, as it allows me to contribute much to building up the Kingdom of Heaven in our little corner of the world.

When I tell somebody that I love them, I mean it. After all, we are all brothers and sisters - children of the Almight God. So guess what reader?....I love you duuuuuuuuude (or dudette lol) How cool is that!!!

This mortal probation is too short for misery. I say that the more *hugs* and love we can share with one another, the soooo much better life becomes! As I have loved you, love one another is one of my favourite phrases *smile*.

Thanks for stopping by! Share a smile and you'll be pleasantly surprised! *smile*

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Thanks for input. I agree, time here is too short for sitting and remembering the bad things in past... remembering the good things keep you going forward!

I have a good frend who has to endure tasmanian devils every now and then... :):D

If you are in Middle Earth..where am I ...Norway?? (overthe edge??:P)

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