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Finnland /Saami

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More music and pictures:

FINLANDIA with pictures: YouTube - Sibelius Finlandia

Same sung: YouTube - Finlandia hymni- sakari kuosmanen [sibelius]

In the last one you can very quickly see the painting that also was not allowed to have on the wall..where the Suomi lady is holding the finnish lawbook and the Russian eagle is trying to tear it from her...

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This also is interesting: - Etusivu

Kuvia=pictures... dont forget to click on the underlined names in front of the pic..a lot of interesting pictures... In Kuusamo 2004 you can see a special route they first had to go through and then 1-1 on a stock, se, who falls..they try to make the stock go around so the other falls off..

Dont miss: Perinnenäytökset... looka at the pictures ALL of them...

Vieraskirja can write what you tought ofthe site... and say hi!

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