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  1. This week's AP rankings: Boise State #4 TCU #5 Utah #10 Nevada #21 Air Force #25
  2. Does Netflix now have any competitors other than those torrent guys on the internet?
  3. Far from being off topic, the more we understand about you, the more precise we readers can be with words of advice. Is there a ward or branch you belong to in town? Have you been able to share these feeling with them and has it helped?
  4. Daenvgiell, I remember discussing some time ago that you sounded a bit depressed. If that is still happening, I am wondering if it might be contributing to not feeling the Spirit to your satisfaction. It is actually hard to feel all alone, even when you are on the other side of Australia from home, when there are so many other people around you. Being as pretty and talented as you are, I imagine there are many there at college who would readily befriend you. Feeling alienated is another matter, and from personal experience, I think this can be directly tied either to a decidedly unfriendly environment or to depression. Tell us more.
  5. The final session seemed centered around addiction, expecially to pornography. This would make sense, since on Denver Snuffer's blog there was mention that 60% of all active male members have a problem with viewing pornography.
  6. wire reports Oct. 2, 2010 PROVO, Utah -- BYU defensive coordinator and secondary coach Jaime Hill has been fired with the Cougars off to their worst start in nearly four decades. Hill was fired Saturday, a day after BYU fell to Utah State, its fourth straight loss. Coach Bronco Mendenhall said in a statement he will take over Hill's duties, and graduate assistant Kelly Poppinga will work as a defensive coach for the rest of the season.
  7. The MWC needs to renegotiate their TV contract elsewhere. Even now they are a stronger conference than the Big East and ACC.
  8. After reading the initial article, I am curious as to how religion enters the picture. There didn't seem to be any mention of religion. Not even about this being a schadenfreude moment for the most ravenous of religionists.
  9. I assume this must be a variant of the time honored chimp attack. YouTube - TRAILER - 2001: a space odyssey
  10. Drinking Coke or some lesser cola brand will help keep you alert for the sessions. Try not to spill any baggies of popcorn or cheerios on the furniture or carpet.
  11. Okay, I was wrong and BYU lost again. From now on I will leave this prophecy business to President Monson.
  12. There will be missionary opportunities for many. Best submit your application now.
  13. I took the abridged edition of this quiz and was able to get 15/15. The last question I knew only because I read the answer on another discussion board ahead of time. Something tells me that PrisonChaplain would have immediately have known about Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening, just like Canadian Mormons would know about the Great Hibernation.
  14. As long as Mormons hold fast to their rule against tea, ownership will never be complete. Besides, many countries have a piece of our pie.
  15. So you are saying these "Doctors of Philosophy" are responsible for great advances, yet they are not certified to remove hang nails. How do you reconcile that discrepancy? Is it not due to having sworn allegiance to solid state capacitors rather than the Holy Ghost???!!! If you do have an answer, would it not tend to indicate evolution is proceeding in a positive direction?
  16. Excellent observation. Those other real life polygamists who have ever spoken on camera, have portrayed themselves and their beliefs as not only wacky but wacky in a neurotic way. The Brown family has portrayed themselves as normal and fairly wholesome people. No child brides or lost boys to be found at their house. They seem like they would make good neighbors with none of the worry that they would be burning sacrificial goats on their backyard altar.
  17. Perhaps it has something to do with the relative distance from Planet Utah to Earth.
  18. Possibly even reverting back to the Kingdom of Deseret, which existed prior to territorial formation?
  19. Perhaps a little Eyezazzle is needed here. Twinkle away with this easy to apply hypoallergenic eye appliqué. Amaze friends and dazzle audiences with new Eyezazzle!
  20. I could be if I was willing to subscribe to HBO. I like to hold my TV consumption down to 10 or less hours per week whenever possible. I know from several LDS discussion sites, that a number of the readers are Big Love fans. I did enjoy listening to their Christmas music.
  21. While I would be reluctant to say no one knows religion like atheists/agnostics, I want to congratulate my fellow Mormons who scored so well in this knowledge survey.
  22. There is also the danger that the polygamous husband could have favorites within the bunch that does not include the first wife. For instance, he may run across an erudite wife who is a delightful conversationalist and presents herself well to visiting dignitaries. He might even build a mansion just for her in which she can help him entertain such dignitaries and potential business partners. Then he might also find a very nubile teenager that rekindles earthy thoughts and desires and she becomes in favorite in that manner. If this were to happen, it could even lend itself to the feeling of Déjà vu. So there are a few ups and downs with The Principle.
  23. Curiouscat, I imagine all organizations have some material that they would like to set aside and not talk about and I suspect this is one for the correlated Church. Historians always have to look under rocks and trees, and if you insist you can find much information on this topic, just not in the places you proposed to look.