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  1. Hi My personal opinion to you is simple: God made you who you are, work with what you have been given to the best of your ability. If it works carry on, if it doesn't adapt, alter, upgrade or delete it....but whatever you has to be what you feel is right for you and you have to be comfortable with how you are. In my experience I find a good prayer often helps me to be who I need to be with the vast variety of people I am around (being self employed as a kinda teacher i mix with all sorts). I pray that I will stand strong but humble and be my true self without being too much for the other person. Somehow (ya no, that spirit that we get) I always seem to know just how much to say, what not to do etc. Being true to oneself is so much better and healthier than being a conformist. Debs
  2. So...which side of me do i introduce first? I am on a mission to be more serious (but not too serious) than usual after being told that I need to 'grow up' after spending my Enrichment evening project laughing and having fun. Bah humbug!! so i figured i'll take HALF of the advice and just be a litte more serious a little more of the time....... i've explained all that i think i'll go find something else to do! No? Well my profile really says it all about me...and yes its mostly serious!! Not sure I like this side of me....can i go back to being her now?? Happy Sunday Debs