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  1. lydlou

    Which do you prefer?

    nebraska 1. Jello--dessert 2. Soda 3. Mac and cheese-- main dish (often with meat&/or veggies mixed in) 4. Biscuits and gravy--tear up the biscuit and eat with fork (spoons I only use for ceral & icecream) 5. Grits--yech! 6. Bathroom tissue--siting upright on the back or the toilet. 7. Green onions 8. pea-cahn
  2. lydlou

    family tents

    my sister got that tripple conecting tent. she loves it. (by tis summer her kids will be 11, 9, 7, 5, and 6months)
  3. thanks everyone, this has sure given me a clearer picture of the whole thing.
  4. Could someone please explain what a patriarchal blessing is? I’ve been a member for 11 months and feel dumb asking, cuz I feel I should have had it figured out by now. the word Patriarchal means "of the father", so I originally assumed it was a family thing. But I’m becoming to realize that in this case its more “of the Father"(meaning heavenly father) so I know the short answer to my question is it’s a blessing (from God) that every member is to receive., But I’m looking for the long anwser- who what where when why and how. Who gives the blessing, when(&where), why do ya need one, and how is it given.
  5. lydlou

    Zero tolerance gone too far?

    this is why i moved out of the city. I will not have my children raised in a "Zero Tolerance" enviorment. Of cours ive come to find out we didnt move far enuf away, turns out parents are not alowed to bring homade goodies to the class party. that explains why we havent had a bakesale anyway, someome might get poisend! seriously. not funny, but at least hes alowed to bring his own scizzors to school.
  6. lydlou

    Why aren't garments subsidized?

    as far as i know they dont sell "decent quality undergarments" at any regular stores anymore. my "hanes for her" and my husbands "frut of the loom" have bolth gone from "decent quality" to "Oh my GOODNESS! thase are brand new black boxers and i can see right through them!" as long as garment quality hasnt simmialy changed I would be willing to pay $10 a set, (althought i would probaly only beable to afford one set a month at first[maby i should start saving now]) I could just imagine explaning that to my husband "fifty bucks for underwear! what are they silk?!" Oh well, it'll be a while yet before that happens, as i do not feel sperituly ready to contemplate reciving my endowments.
  7. lydlou


    it has always been my understanding that there was no rain before the flood. none at all, the crops got all their moister from the dew. thers somthing in the creation account- gennisis about creating the expanse of the sky, and seperating water from water. as for where he statted it realy dosent matter, seeing as how the whole world was floded. and without any way of steering they could have traveled a greatdistance or hardly any at all.
  8. lydlou

    Did we choose our own weaknesses?

    lol. good point! while weeknesses are a type of trial, not all trials are weeknesses.
  9. lydlou

    Did we choose our own weaknesses?

    the questin was did we pick our WEEKNESSES, not whether we picked our trials. the examples you stated are trials, weeknesses are such things as having an adictive personality, having on overactive labido, being fixated on finacial issues, having violent tendancys or even having truble understanding the importance of honesty. I'm not sure it matters whether we chose them ourselves of if God chose them for us. what truly matters is identifying them and dealing with it.
  10. lydlou

    Fighting "Mormon Fatalism"

    Hugs for Justinian. Take hart. Your convirsion was tramatic, and that hurts, but it can also bea good thing. God wants us to come to him "with a broken hart and contrite spirt" and you were indeed broken. and you may still feel that seems to me that you are hoarding the broken pieces of your earlier life, wondeing how they could ever be put back together again. My anser to that as a fellow broken vessel is thay cant, and they wont. It is time to move on with your new life and your new purpous. I'm not trying to offend or belitle your feelings. its hard to comunicate ones whole situation,so i probaly dont understand at all, as everyone filtrers oters lives through their own pespective. that being said most people dont react very well to being broken. Myself I find that I cry often now, and sometimes for very little reason. (i used to never cry at all except when i was furiously angry) your lack of motivation and feelings of "why bother" sound like symptons of depresion to me.and depression is not something you can "just get over" by finding a new perspective on life. I sugust discusssing that with your theripist. and dont bee too proud/scared to take meds. if i had accepted meds the first time theyt were offered i would probaly still be in the military right now. an SSRI will not have any affect on you unless there is a chemical imbalance in your brain. Just some thoughts of mine that i hope will help,
  11. my 2 cents. LDS member ownig a bar? not cool. if ur a convert who owned the bar first sell it, do something else, resturant maby? LDS working in a bar? maby if its the ONLY job going(itf ya think it may bee the only job going ask around the ward first ya might be suprised) if youre a convert already working there do not quit until you find another source of income- unless its a strip club leave that one imediatly. thought i'd anser from the perspective of a new convert, who still fills the coffee machine at night for my non member husband when hes home.(its his agency,and a wifes job, but thats a subject for another thread.)
  12. lydlou

    Unendowed temple worship

    at first i didnt mind going with the youth so much. being only 26 (25 at thetime)it wasnt so long ago that i was a youth myself(thou not in the church) at first i felt more incommon with them then the rest of the congergation (most of the rest of my ward are my old enuf to be my parents/grandparents) but Ive done a lot of matureing in the past year, and the older youths whom I had related to all left in sept for colage, or more recently for missions. I havent been to the temple in monts becase its hard for me to find a babysitter, isnt that what church youth are for anyway? makes sense i cant find a girl to watch my kids when theyr'e all going on the same trip i want to. by the way- the temple is in our stake, and ive seen missinarys i reconize evertime ive been.
  13. lydlou

    Unendowed temple worship

    my bishop corned me not one week after I was confirmed, gave me the interview, shoved a pice of paper at me and told me not to loose it, and that my friend sister so-and-so was taking youth to do baptisms that comming thursday,and besure to be on time for the carpool. ive been twice, bolth with the youth. in doctrine principals class this past sunday the lesson was eternal familys so we got to talking about the temple. the new missionarys (who have been here for 2 months) say they havent been able to go to the temple even though its only ahalf hour(maby 45min) away. they seemed suprised to hear that I had already done baptisms. everytime a youth temple trip is anounced the bisop makes sure to mention that new membversare welcome to come.
  14. name profiling is probaly something to think about before naming a child, my sister has a black name, and my other sister mas a hispanic name. the rest of the fam mostly has genericly white names (my little brothers is italian) ive been thinking of giving y next child a slavic name like Dmitri or Nataila.
  15. lydlou

    Plastic Surgery?

    for the strenth of youth- dress and apperance: your body is Gods sacred creation. Respect it as a gift from God and do not defile it in any way.