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  1. Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them. It is nice to hear the thoughts of others on this situation. LoudMouth_Mormon, I completely understand your opinion-and I've part of me has held onto that belief the past 10 years since I've been divorced. To answer honestly-I don't know the answer. When I first started to get to know this man, I took it to our Father in Heaven in prayer and had the impression this was someone I should get to know (which is huge for me- I've never had that happen before). However, having said that, I am still a skeptic and because of that we have taken this relationship extremely slow, resulting in a solid foundation and friendship. So anyway, even though relationships can be uncertain--and the majority fizzle out-- I also need to have the faith and hope that the blessings of marriage is obtainable. Please believe I am not doing this lightly and desperatly hope my children dont get hurt by any of my actions. I'm going into this with the hope we will all be happier in the long run.
  2. I'm hoping for a little insight into my ten year old son's mind... I've been dating someone for about a year now and as our relationship has been progressing, my son gives me more and more grief and guilt. I truly believe my son likes him, but has mixed feelings and doesn't know how to handle them. There are times when he asks me to have my boyfriend (I dislike using that word--I'm too old to have a boyfriend!!) come over and play board games, watch a movie, or just hang out but then if my boyfriend and I hold hands or cuddle, my son hates it. I've sat down and discussed the situation with my son and wth my boyfriend (I dont like using that word--I'm too old to have a boyfriend!) separately. From his actions, our talks, and his random comments I believe my son's issues are because he somehow feels valued less and that I can't possibly love him and my boyfriend at the same time. I've assured my son of the undying and everlasting love I have for him and he (and his older sister and brother--who don't have a problem with me dating) come first in my life. Also because my son doesnt remember his dad and I being married and having a traditional family life (somewhat anyway) I reminded him of the Proclamation of the Family and explained that our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy and when we grow up he wants us to find someone to share our adult lives with (and eternity). However it doesn't seem to help. I realize he is confused and probably doesnt even know what he is feeling, but he is also being a little selfish and I dont know how to approach it other than what I have done and let it play itself out. Earlier this morning I read another thread about a lady with children remarried and is having troubles. A lot of the comments said how children come first-and I agree with that. So I guess I am hoping for some input on this. How have you or people you've known done this? Any opinions, advice, and insight will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well, if its cold outside...How about chili? Its pretty inexpensive to make and can feed a crowd. Other ideas are a baked potato bar, Hawaiin Heystacks, pancake dinner, or a pasta bar with different pasta and sauces.
  4. My oldest son bought the 360 Kinect at 12:00 am the day it came out. He loves it and truth be told I even thought it was amazing-and I am not into video games. The technology is extremely cool, the one down side is that we have a smaller space than is recomended, so we either move the couch to play or aim the tv and sensors off to the side in order to be 6-10 ft away. Overall, it is seriously cool!
  5. A while back someone posted this link Eye Single | Times & Seasons I found what this lady wrote to be very accurate at describing what being single in the church is like. In fact, I actually printed it out and read it several times..... Hope this helps give you some of the information you are looking for.
  6. About the gift ideas.... How about sending flowers--maybe you could use a spin off of the New Era Morman-ad of 11 red roses and one daisy that said "Be your own kind of beautiful" maybe the card could say "I'm glad you are your own kind of beautiful" or something along those lines... Also, what about perfume? They have great names of scents which could be used for a cute comment on the card (like Happy by clinique, Euphoria, or Eternity by Calvin Klein, etc) One last idea which is really fun and you can do make fit your relationship- make a cute candy-bar card (with candy and posterboard). Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  7. Wow, its awesome to hear a shy guys perspective! Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. Well, we are still seeing each other. It has been very interesting getting to know him-not to mention difficult and confusing, but we are getting closer and I feel like we are developing a strong, deep foundation for a relationship. There are so many positive signals I'm getting (He took me to his work party and another summer party with a group he is in), but truth be told-we haven't even held hands yet!! I am old-fashioned in thinking he should make the first move...and I have worked REALLY hard not to be obvious in case he doesn't want to....its a confusing position I've got myself in! (although we do touch when were together with a hug goodbye) Soooo, I need to know....(because you are shy too) how are the ways of behavior or signs different from when you like-like someone rather than when you friend-like someone? I can't believe I'm asking this--I feel like I am in Junior High again!
  8. This is an interesting topic. Honestly... when I was considering returning to church, I truly loved coffee--everything about it--and in my mind I questioned things that are not mentioned in the WoW that can be bad for you (and even addicting), for example desserts, jello, etc. and I've wondered if the Word of Wisdom was written today-would it be different... Anyhow, the WoW encourages the church members to be health conscious. Not to mention that we've been taught that our bodies are temples--Maybe if anything additional were to be emphasized-instead of focusing on the weight issue, it would encourage physically activity.
  9. Oh, no--please don't think I was going to knowingly and willingly lie. I understand the seriousness and that is something I absolutely would not do. I supose the question is, is that in my mind and heart, this was put behind me long ago and I had repented. However when the question was asked if I had any issues in my past not resolved using the proper priesthood authority (I cannot remember the wording of the question), that is when I brought it up, and asked my bishop. I believe that my Bishop had no knowlege of this and looking back on the conversation, it appeared that I was going to get the approval from him before I stopped and went back to the question and asked him about it. Even though it is humiliating and once again I am re-living the shame, I dont regret doing that-I want this to be right. Unfortunately, I am a naturally analytical person and this experience has made me wonder "what if..."
  10. First of all, I should say that I have been at varying degrees of activity through out my life. However for what ever reason-probably my growing maturity (I'm 40 yrs old) in the past five years, the gospel has become so prominate and defining in my life-- it makes sense where it didn't before-- And I love it, I have a testimony of its truthfullness as well as its goodness. Right now I teach Primary and serve on the RS Board. Well, I am also a single mother, so my bishop keeps regular tabs on me. Yesterday we had a meeting and we discussed the possiblility of me getting a temple recommmend. I passed all of the recommend questions...well, until the end one-about sins--resolved with the proper priesthood authority. I've had issues in the past and wanted them behind me--years ago, when I was soul searching and asking if I should go back to church, I prayed and greived and went before our Father - honestly and humble, with a 'broken heart and contrite spirit' and I truly felt His love and his acceptance and now I can say that I am not the same person as I used to be-nor will I ever be again. Anyway, having this experience happen has made me ask the question-- What if I would have answered no to that question and received my recommend? What happens when there are issues that have not been resoved the specified way?
  11. Friday night I watched the movie 2012, and near the end of the movie I started wondering what exactly will occur when Jesus comes again. Does anyone have a chronological order of what we can expect to happen? Are the rightous going to be exhaulted before the catastrophe's? When will Jesus rein for 1000 years? Etc. I really appreciate any information given.
  12. Debs- I've wondered about this issue myself. Keep praying for guidance. Good luck to you--please keep us posted.
  13. Thank you for your replies... Over the weekend, I did 'bite the bullet' and called him-- we ended up going to see a movie!! And you know, it was little awkward, however not as awkward as I anticipated. He said he had been wanting to call for a couple weeks and was glad that I did. I felt like we got to know each other a lot more--amazing what happens when children and others aren't around. ...So, hopefully things will progress -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He's such a difficult man to read... Thank you again-you gave me the courage I needed. Wish me Luck!!
  14. Hello there~I have been intrigued by this guy for a LONG time--we have been out socially together and have talked several times. I believe he is interested in me, however he is extremely shy and hard to get to know-when we do talk, it is awkward because I am ashy as well and I end up babbeling. This has gone on for over a year, and I'd like to move it along and see where and if it goes anywhere! Does anyone have any ideas for me? I'm perplexed and would love some suggestions!