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  1. Pillars Of The Earth: Ken Follett Almost 1000 pages, small print, wonderful & incredible.
  2. Hear-hear Skip. My words and thoughts exactly. Those two need to grow up---Lotsofbabies especially. She is aptly named.
  3. As a "curious liberal feminist" you're gonna have all kinds of reasons to get your hackles up in the church setting. Many have come and gone. Too many let those feelings dominate their thinking. You seem like a nice, sincere woman, and due to that God will certainly lead you in the right direction. I'm glad your little twins prevailed and are doing well. I'm new here too, but I throw out the welcome mat to you as well. Actually, what do I know about the things of life that you are going through? I'm just a breezy extrovert that likes to express an opinion. Hope you don't mind.
  4. This doesn't seem like a fun place at all. Apparently it was once upon a time. Wonder what happened.
  5. My heart goes out to you Jassy. It is sad that after so many married years something happened to negate it all. It's also sad that after 5 years you are still troubled, and seeking something. As my experience is lean I can't offer any valid observations or suggestions----I wish I could. Maybe others will get involved in here and come forth with some inspiration. Don't count on it though. This site doesn't exactly rock. I'm new here as well and find it lacking. I see a lot of once-hopeful marriages fall apart, and it kinda scares me, so maybe I'll just play a little while longer. Hehe. Much luck to you Jassy.
  6. Hello. I was hoping to be able to acquaint myself with some of you through a chatroom. Apparently there is no such thing in this site. But that's ok. I'm here---I'm just ME. I may not be what you expect, but that's ok as well. Don't know where I'm going with this, but it's a start.