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    Since when was it only the man's role to have a job? Why aren't women allowed to have jobs? Call me a feminist, but gosh dang, sir, you're gonna have lots of problems finding a wife if you think you can tell a woman what her role is. A marriage is a partnership. I know TONS of LDS families where the guy is out of work and the woman goes to work. Does that make their marriage invalid? Not. At. All. It just means that for the time being (especially in the current economy) the more sensible thing to do in order to survive is to let the woman keep the job and the man can be the stay at home parent for a while. There is NOTHING wrong with that.
  2. sister8

    Am I worthy?

    I am at a crossroads. I'm a 20 year old woman who (like many other people my age) was recently very impacted by the new age requirements for missionaries. I moved to a new area about a month ago, and I fear that I am not worthy. Over a year ago, almost two years now, I participated in some fairly (not incredibly) serious inappropriate behavior with a boy (chastity wise). I was guilt tripped into making some mistakes with him that I would not have done otherwise. I am not, however, making excuses for myself, because I know that it was my own weakness that allowed it to happen. I had a lapse in confidence and a bigger lapse in self control. I kept a minimum standard for myself and I am so thankful for that, but I still did not keep the law of chastity like I should have. I have been kicking myself for the last year and a half over what I have done, but I was (and still am) so afraid to tell my bishop. I have prayed for forgiveness time and time again, cried for hours, felt the most incredible spiritual sorrow I have ever felt. I even kept myself from taking the sacrament because I no longer felt worthy. It has been very hard for me, but I find that I am ruled by fear, and telling my bishop is going to be the hardest part for me. Now, the mission age requirements have changed. I am so nervous, for two reasons. First- I had the most incredible prompting to go. I've prayed about it several times and every time I get an amazing confirmation. But I'm nervous also because I know that I cannot rightfully serve until I tell my bishop. I'm afraid that since I have moved recently, it will be hard for my bishop to understand my circumstances. I'm so worried that my ability to go on a mission will be either delayed or taken away completely. What do I do? What will happen? It was long ago and since it ended over a year ago, I have not participated in the same behavior. I have had resolve to keep myself away from that lifestyle for quite some time, and I have had a change of heart, but I'm afraid that my past transgressions will hinder my future progression. Please help. I'm incredibly scared.