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  1. This is true. In my Human Development class, we discussed how not understanding feelings can be very scary for children. Maybe try "labeling" what she's feeling? It could help her understand that what she's feeling (confusion, stress) is normal, and then you could help her deal with it? (like how you discussed what to do with lunch).
  2. So should she take responsibility for it? Or say something horrible has happened (which seems like its removing responsibility from her). She blames herself for it, not the man. She says that if she had just been a little morally stronger, it never would have happened.
  3. That's what she's concerned about...He's a brand new bishop (under two weeks) and she's worried he won't know what to do.
  4. I am also 16, turning 17 in March. We are the same age. In my opinion, the biggest reason she needs to talk to her bishop is for help. She blames it all on herself since she originally told him okay. She's worried she'll never find a good man who loves her. How should she start the conversation with her bishop? Should she call it abuse, since she consented? Maybe write him a letter?
  5. Also, your bishop is a GREAT counselor! He will help you :)
  6. Well, good news! She has decided to meet with the bishop tomorrow...but she's not sure what to say. How to open up the conversation? Any suggestions? I know she's also concerned about her parents finding out...she's terrified that they'll hate her for allowing it to happen, and keeping it from them for so long. Would she (or they) be required to testify against him?
  7. Don't be afraid that your parents will be hurt by what you've done. I had a similar problem when I was younger...I suffered from the burden of it for 5 years. It was awful. One day, my parents and I were arguing (about something totally unrelated) and it just came out. My mom's whole physique changed, but not to one of anger or hurt, to one of love. Heavenly Father selected your parents for you. They will love you and support you. I even mentioned to my parents that I was afraid they wouldn't love me as mom assured me that no matter what, they are always there. And ya know what? She hasn't mentioned my mistake since. That's what parents are here for: support and guidance. Best of luck! You will be SO happy when its done. I seriously felt as if my soul was singing! :)
  8. My personal favorite part about the Atonement is that it is not just about being able to repent for your sins (though that is incredibly important) its about having someone that knows how you feel, has been through the pain, and, unlike anyone else, can truly say "I know how you're feeling". Jesus Christ is our big brother and will always be there for you, no matter what.
  9. Her biggest concern is ruining her reputation (as well as his). She's the Laurel's class president, constantly serving on committees to better her community, and she excels in school. She's worried that if it "gets out", she'll be known as the "scarlet letter".
  10. Yes, she's a minor. It began happening when she was 15, and she's now 16. She has also broken up with him and is no longer in contact with him. That's why she's so worried that the bishop will tell someone, because it was an illegal act.
  11. I have a problem, and I'm not quite sure what to do. A friend came to me in confidence today and told me she needed to confess to her bishop (though I'm not so sure she needs to?). She has been sexually abused by a man for the past year and a half. (I believe he is in his early 30's, and now divorced). She says she needs to confess to her bishop, because she originally told him it was okay. However, she became uncomfortable with the situation, and tried to ask him to stop, but he threatened to stop "dating" her (dating was okay with her parents). She asked what she should tell her bishop, and is wondering what his confidentiality rules are? She's terrified he'll tell someone...she doesn't want to ruin the man's life or reputation, she feels it isn't her place to bring out, its his. What do I tell her?? I'm so lost on this one.