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    Dating Help!

    Thanks for the replies. To answer some questions, I am currently exclusive with my gf and we did meet online. We have made multiple trips to visit each other over the past 8 months. It's honestly not really ideal because we are both in school and moving closer to each other won't happen for about another year or so. Is it wrong that I have strong feelings about who I'm with yet I wonder what it would be like with the other girl?
  2. I need help. I'll keep it brief and simple. Ive been dating this girl and we talk about the future pretty seriously. But there is this other girl that I've been interested in a lot and I can't get my mind off of her. But she's on a mission. She gets back soon which is great. But heres the catch, we live in different states. and my current relationship is also long distance. So its like either way I have to be long distance and won't really know what its like to be with someone unless one of us moves our life for the other. Any thoughts?f