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  1. I thought the five second rule meant it was safe to eat if you pick it up within five seconds of seeing it. Didn’t know you needed to be the one that did the initial dropping. Oops.
  2. Pam, when I bring about the Stu-pocalypse, you will be spared. Given my penchant for destruction, that means a lot. Hugs, Stu-be-do
  3. I did, but unfortunately they would't accept my condition that I wouldn't wear pants. Awesome.
  4. David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism., pg. 23
  5. I imagine some others here also got the email from Bro. Perkins, but just thought I'd pass it along via the boards: If this sounds like something you'd be interested in taking part in, PM me your email address and I'll forward the details on to you (would post them here, but it's a rather long email). Hugs, Stu Edit: Moderators, if you feel there's a better subforum for this, please feel free to move it.
  6. Few people can encounter a turd in life, and use it to plant some roses. Usually we get too hung up on the funk.Kudos.
  7. Can't blaim you. I'd like the portion of my life spent reading it back.
  8. Unfortunately, your question can't be answered with a small soundbite. In fact, your question (in my opinion) can only be answered by you through research. Anyone's answer will most likely be that which they came to on their own, and unfortunately, this is a subject that I believe one must come to their own answers on... Why This Web Site :: Dispelling the Black Myth | The LDS Church and the Race Issue | Blacks and the Priesthood (Perkins) | Lamanites, the Seed of Cain, and Polygamy | The Charge of ‘Racism’ in the Book of Mormon | Civil Turmoil -- Mormon Scholars Confront the Race Issue (This book is now available for free online -- I highly recommend it). One More River to Cross (Standing on the Promises, Book 1): Margaret Blair Young, Darius Aidan Gray: Books Bound for Canaan (Standing on the Promises, Book 2): Margaret Blair Young, Darius Aidan Gray: Books The Last Mile of the Way (Standing on the Promises, Book 3): Margaret Blair Young, Darius Aidan Gray: Books The above three volumes are historical fiction. Although written with a fictional narrative, they contain footnotes, etc. for historical facts. All Abraham's Children: Changing Mormon Conceptions of Race and Lineage: Armand L. Mauss: Books (Highly recommend this one) Abraham in Egypt (Nibley, Hugh, Works. V. 14.): Hugh Nibley, Gary P. Gillum, Michael P. Lyon: Books The Dawning of a Brighter Day: Alexander B. Morrison: Books Genesis Group Happy reading and discovering.
  9. I believe so. Accepting the sign of the beast was most likely a reference to giving divine honors to the emperor (something the state cult essentially demanded). A lot of it is most likely commenting on the then happenings of the Roman Empire (and most notably, the crap Domitian was bringing about towards Christians due to changed attitudes within the state cult). Methinks his apocalypse was written for the most part in order to encourage the Christian communities that were being hounded by persecution and not so much as a prophetic timeline of events yet to come. Of course, this is just my opinion.
  10. If 666 is correct, then it is probably referring to Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. If 616 is correct (some of the earliest manuscripts), then it is probably referring to Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. John was a political exile writing veiled propaganda.
  11. I agree. I guess my post wasn't clear. His research was so thorough that I was left to wonder how he drew some of the conclusions he did from his research. It isn't the research, or evidence, it is the interpretation of some of it. It is an excellent resource as long as one focuses on the evidence and not the conclusions he draws (in my humble, uneducated, measly opinion, of course). I will hit up my copy over the weekend. I'm pretty sure I've got some notes in there. There wasn't a lot (maybe 4-5 things) that stood out to me as "How on earth did you draw that conclusion from the evidence you just provided?" Hugs, Stu
  12. Also, for those who want to read about OPR, but are adverse to Schindler's biography, Dewey's biography has a rather large section that covers the Utah War fairly well (at least he doesn't have the same habit of imagining participants into situations in that portion of the book as much as he does with OPR elsewhere).
  13. Ah shucks mumsie, I've missed you too.There's one thing about Bagley's book. It is very well researched... to the point to where it's his fatal flaw. He provides so much evidence that it ends up not supporting some of his assertions (Seriously though, when you read it, do you ever stop at some points and say "How in the world did you come to that conclusion based on the evidence you just gave?"). Luv, Hugs, and VW Bugs, Yer Son from another Mum
  14. It has indeed been "that" long. In fact, you are being generous with your years; as early as 2003 Gene Sessions was tempting some of us by saying that it was finished. I believe I've run out of steam as far as anticipating it... especially when you consider this is only volume 1 that is being released. I assume volume 2 will be released around the time Christ returns.