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  1. Vort, stop exposing all of my deadly secrets. Vort: "What are we going to do tonight?" Fire Guy: "Same thing we do every night Vort, try to take over the world."
  2. I wish I could get her to agree to stop lending her sister money. I am probably going to ask her sister to quit asking my wife for more money for things like gasoline money to visit people or going out to eat. She asked me once for money to go out to eat and I turned her down and told her to eat something we had in the house. Edit: This may be one of my last posts on this subject. I think I have all the information I need for this and I can see it is going to be an ugly end (at least financially). It is causing strain on my marriage which is the worst thing of all. Thanks for all the input and advice.
  3. An update since the last post I made. The sister in law was hurt on the job and ended up losing her employment. She now has a part time job and has not been making payments. My wife and her Mom have been making the payments for her and she presently owes us over $10,000. I wonder if it will ever be paid back? This what happens when you co-sign for a loan. Edit: I also have a much much better job where the management does not treat me like a sack of garbage and I make about ten percent more money. It is a great place where I work.
  4. I was in similar situation with an attractive woman many years ago at my work. My mind was very attracted to another woman and we were both married. We would talk a lot and I would flirt with her. We never got physical with each other or saw each other outside work. The Holy Ghost told me I needed to severely cut back on my interactions with her and I did. Now I pray for deliverance from temptation and work on my marriage and try to have my wife be my only sexual outlet. I am amazed at what the Lord can do if we have patience and submit to Him. One thing I try to do now is never be alone with a woman I am attracted to that is not my wife. If I am attracted to a woman I try to limit my interactions with her. Do everything you can to avoid being alone with this woman and STOP thinking about her. These fantasies will only bring shame, regret and misery to you if you pursue this course. The Lord can heal your marriage if you will turn to Him.
  5. My sister in law had a talk yesterday. She is working full time now and going to eventually pay back all the debt she racked up in her unemployment. It is going to be a long road but I am relieved she is making the right decision to be responsible. If any of you will pray for her son. He has not graduated from high school and he needs a job as well. He needs direction and encouragement. I suggested to his mom community service to get some experience and self respect. His mom said he needs to finish school with which I completely agree with.
  6. It is June 2017. My sister in law finally found a full time job. She starts likely within 9 days.
  7. My wife and I are doing alright. Right now the Sister in law got tax money and she is living off of that and food stamps right now. But that money is only going to last so long. Working for a living is way better than wasting away accomplishing nothing. Only worse thing than having a bad part time job is being unemployed.
  8. Hello all. Here is an update. Sister in law is still living with us and still unemployed. Pray for her that she can have the will and opportunity to get employed. Thanks.
  9. I think that I could benefit more from meditation classes than counseling. I get frustrated from my work and life and then get angry. Learning to think more positively and set goals will benefit me.
  10. January 2017 and she still has no job. If she worked as hard at finding work as she does at playing she would have found something (even part time work in my opinion). I have decided that I am going to get all debts that she has incurred out of my name that way I wil not be held liable for them. Being responsible for paying about $4,000 of someone else's bills is not on my priority list.
  11. I agree with you Anatess. She probably is feeling guilt because hidden credit cards are a very bad thing. You do not hide large amounts of money from your spouse in a healthy relationship. She will not be happy when we discuss fun money in the future and how her fun money should go to paying off her credit card debt. I talked with my Sister in law yesterday. She is looking for work again as it looks as if she is not getting the job she interviewed for previously.
  12. I went to a member of the Bishopric. We got a food order for at least a months worth of food and I picked it up recently. I found out about half of the money on the credit card is my wife's doing. She is likely out of work for a month with no paid time off because she just had surgery. We also pulled my daughter out of day care which will save us over $400 this month. My sister in law is helping watch her now and helping with my wife since she cannot do much right now.
  13. No word back yet on if the sister in law got the job. My wife is off work and in the hospital right now recovering from surgery. I then find out today that there is an about 18% interest rate credit card my wife has been secretly letting her sister use so she can go run around and play. This is in addition to the $5,000 she has already borrowed from us that is being paid by her Mom I believe. I think there is over $1,000 balance on this secret credit card now. So, so frustrating that is to find this out. I asked my wife to cancel that card but she refuses. I hope the sister in law starts work soon.
  14. The sister in law said that the job interview went well. Pray for her that she gets this as it would be more than $11 per hour.
  15. I received news today that the sister in law is getting a job interview. Hopefully this goes somewhere. She desperately needs the money and she needs to work. I agree with you Doctor Lemon. Being idle is not righteous, and people who are idle will frequently begin to go down unrighteous paths as the Spirit many times will leave them unto themselves.