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  1. Unfortunately, I never really got on with my late husband's family so after his passing I cut contact with them. Occasionally, they try to reach out with me on Facebook to find out how my kids are but I ignore their requests. I don't want to invite them into my home. I may try to have a family home evening with them. I did like the missionaries coming to see my children they brought a warm feeling with them that felt familiar.
  2. I can tell that you understand what it is like to lose someone very close to you. I identify with a lot of things in this post
  3. I have heard that before. I am not LDS and I don't have a desire to take my kids to church it would only be guilt that would make me.
  4. It has been hard for us for sure. I have a constant struggle of feeling that I am disappointing my late husband by not raising our children mormon because that was our agreement that we would raise them mormon but without him here it is too hard.
  5. Yes my late husband did serve a mission. Before the missionaries came over for the first time I showed my sons their dad's badge from his mission and some pictures of him on his mission, it made them so excited to meet the missionaries. I did think that I could begin to read with them I do have a Book of Mormon children's story book that was given to my oldest son a long time ago.
  6. I asked them whether they could come to my house to give my youngest son a blessing. Then I think they asked me if my sons were wanting to learn about the gospel , I said I am sure they would be but I made it clear that I wanted the missionaries to teach them general things, such as, Book of Mormon stories and general principles of the gospel.
  7. I think I was clear with the missionary I spoke to on the phone before they met my kids about what I wanted and they didn't mention any of the we will stop visiting if you don't go to church. Oh well at least my kids know I tried to help them learn
  8. I don't think I am ready even though it has been 6 years, grief isn't the reason I don't want to go. I am really unsure why I don't want to see my late husband's friends and family. It isn't the memories that makes me not want to go, I just feel unwelcome going into church.
  9. I did try to do that but I just got a screen of videos to watch and a message saying no one is available. I think I will leave it for 2 weeks and if my kids are still wanting to read the Book of Mormon or see the Elders I will deal with it and if they don't mention it then at least I tried to help them learn about Mormons.
  10. I didn't assume that this would be the case with children.
  11. The church near us is the same church my late husband went to, it just doesn't feel natural for me to go there. Also, I am 90% sure that my late husband's sister still goes there and it would be so awkward to see her. I know a lot of people at the church who were friends with my late husband and after he passed away and when he was unwell they offered to help me but I purposefully distanced myself from them. Now when I see a few of them around (it is rare) they acknowledge me but we don't speak. Originally, I asked missionaries from a further ward to come by instead of the one my late husband used to go to but I was told they couldn't come because of the distance. So I assume that the second closest church is quite far away.
  12. It isn't only that I don't want to go to church and I visit my parents that makes me not want to take them, I don't feel able to go to church. I think they would enjoy it, they are always wanting to do things that their dad did.
  13. I have asked a question on this forum once before about getting a blessing for my youngest son. My husband was a mormon but he passed away 6 years ago, we have 2 children who are 9 and 7. In April this year I finally got around to organising a blessing for my youngest son. After that I decided to have missionaries come over so my children could learn about what their father believed. The two elders mainly told my sons stories from the Book of Mormon and my sons loved them, the elders came once a week for 6 weeks. 2 weeks ago the Elders told me that given I hadn't brought my kids to church they wouldn't be able to come by anymore. I didn't take my kids to church because I have no interest in attending church and I take my kids to visit my family on Sundays. My kids still want to see the missionaries but I don't know how to find different Elders who would be willing to come over. Truthfully, I am a little annoyed by the Elders deciding not to visit anymore because my kids are very shy and it took a few weeks for them to feel comfortable talking and listening with the Elders. Do you have any advice on how I can fix this situation?
  14. I think that is the blessing my late husband gave to our oldest son, he was too unwell to bless our younger son and I never got around to organising it. Is it important to have that blessing? I just forgot to organise getting it for him. Does he need a blessing now or has to opportunity been missed ?
  15. Is it necessary to prepare my son for the blessing ?