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  1. I'm a male teenager who is struggling with masturbation. I've been reading online and the general consensus is that someone with this problem should talk to their bishop. However, I have some questions and concerns. One thing I'm wondering is how to even set up the interview. Do I have to talk to the ward executive secretary and set up a "confession appointment"? Second, I'm terrified of talking to him. I've had this problem for years. In Boyd K. Packer's "To the Young Men Only" it says, "If one of you seems trapped in that, escape. Go to your father or bishop, please." I've talked to my father, but I still haven't gotten over the problem. I would really like to not encounter the bishop if possible, however, I am willing to if it is necessary for repentance. I'm also scared that he will say I can't perform any priesthood duties or partake of the sacrament. But then everyone in the ward will know! I'd like some advice.