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  1. L_and_P21

    A little to far...

    is twelve months long enough though?
  2. L_and_P21

    I'm not Mormon

    well some things are going to be hard for your relationship. but not impossible. could be possible that she thinks that. religion is a delicate thing. the best thing to do is to help her go back to church because she wants to. also find out about as much of the church as you can. even if you dont join you will know more about her religious background and will be able to help her make decisions based on that. by find out as much as possible, read about it from LDS.org. i know you might not agree with everything we believe but it will help you understand our beliefs and, again, help your girlfriend with her wishes. welcome. this place is great for advice. cheers.
  3. L_and_P21

    To all worthy male members...

    best thing to do, in my opinion, is to read about it with him. talk about it and then pray about it.
  4. never heard that. interesting. but most interestingly we are talking about the american government. you would think they would have something of such high technology as to make it possible. ooooo, could he have made a "legal" back up of the movie then give it to the PM for "safe keeping"? obviously burning the disk in the proper region code.
  5. the smart idea of buying a region free player would have been my first idea.
  6. L_and_P21


    mine was a hymn. come thou fount. i like the BYU combined choir/orchestra. look it up one youtube.
  7. L_and_P21

    question for single guys...

    best thing to do is to just be yourself. guys, if they arent shallow, will understand and get past it. just remember, your Heavenly Father loves you and has a plan for you. we just need to not forget that some things are in the Lords time.
  8. mis-translations, not really meaning to take it out but did. to "prove" their religion to be the right one. only God knows. but this is where faith comes in. sometimes we wont know the answers until later. we can only speculate as to why
  9. if you were raised as a member then you should know that we believe there there were "plain and precious truths" taken out of the bible. new and old testament. also i would recommend reading the Pearl of Great Price. specifically the book of Moses chapter 6:64-67. talks about Adam being baptized.
  10. my question is have you come here to bash or to learn? if it is to bash please save your time and ours, study it out for yourself. if it is to learn please read and learn of our beliefs to understand us better and not to criticize. there is no reason to mock a religion because it differs from yours. yes i am aware that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do this but no one is perfect. It doesnt mean you should. Do as Christ did and take the higher road.
  11. L_and_P21

    Obama got some facts wrong

    i immediately thought of those that spoke with flattering words in the book of mormon that led many away from the truth. now im not saying that he will just something to think about.
  12. L_and_P21

    uneasy feeling

    please remember that those that dont live in the US really dont know the full truth. those that do live in the country only know the partial truth. remember not everyone voted for obama. i didnt vote for president because i felt like all the parties are failures... i still feel like that. please get the facts straight. if its conspiracy that you are looking for look in to 9-11
  13. L_and_P21

    uneasy feeling

    rockerfeller is not beind the government. how was it forced anyway? because the 4 years came around or the fact that the majority of the people, about 60% of the people were obama hungry?
  14. L_and_P21

    uneasy feeling

    i think my topic went from concern to bashing. not what i intended. TBH i think for a real mostly partial, although somewhat liberal view, people should listen to the BBC. true reporting there. lets just say this, IF this current administration does not do what it said it would do, not that it is just one more step towards the second coming and that i, me, L_and_P21, will be looking forward to the coming of my savior. IF the current administration does do what it promised, it too, will be one step closer to the second coming. i am not saying that it is a bad administration, im just saying that with each passing day it is one day closer to the second coming. give "the man" (all pun intended) some credit for tring to fix a broken economy due to the banks and various people and organizations that sought for riches and power not for the well being of all. friends, countrymen, members and fellow human beings, please stop the bickering. those who are in office are 1) human, therefore they are bound by the laws of blood to make mistakes. 2) politicians, therefore they are bound by the laws of the blood and the assumed laws of government to lie at one point in time or another. finally 3) biased to their views, although some try not to be, therefore they will never be able to please all.
  15. L_and_P21

    hello everyone

    welcome. we all need to find where we fit in in life, especially in the church. im there right now. here is the key, or at least what i have found to be my key, i know what i need to do, as you know what you need to do. just finding that niche is the hard part. this is a great forum for help. just ask and people will help.