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    I'm so excited!

    Every conference talk was beautiful. It was a different conference given the social distancing needs and Corona virus situation, but everything came off pretty well. The messages of conference were delivered to the members of the church like always.
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    April 2020 General Conference Discussion Thread

    The new logo is absolutely perfect! I love it. The challenge obviously will be how to deploy in different settings given it's tall aspect ratio.
  3. I'm a new poster on what looks like a great Latter-day Saint forum website and virtual gathering place. Here are a couple questions I have to get started: What is Zion in real terms? How do we build Zion throughout the church in today's world? Are you a catalyst for Zion in your home, in your ward, and in your stake? Which stake of the church will step forward and be an example of Zion for the rest of church to follow?