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  1. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I'm still not clear on the answer for me, but it seems that it is decided on an individual basis and only a bishop or stake president has the authority to decide. The CES class I take is taught by a former Stake President and Mission President of SLC. He is very open and caring and fun. I'd love to talk to him about it, but I can't find him listed in any phone book. After class, he is always in a hurry to rush out to his next assignment. But maybe one day, when the time is right, I'll catch him and try to schedule an appointment. He almost always says "hello" or "how are you" to me before class, even though there are over 150 other people there. It feels like he senses that I might like to talk to him. In answer to some questions asked I haven't had missionary lessons, or even attended ward meetings. I've been studying on my own. I watch BYUtv and they have talks and lessons all day long from many Church leaders. I've watched the last two Church Conferences, I get the "Ensign" each month and study it cover to cover. The only books I get from the library are LDS books and I'm always learning, with my heart as well as my head. One elderly LDS friend that we knew (he died recently), said to my friend and I, "You know more about the Church, than most people IN the Church." For my birthday, my housemate bought me a Scriptures 'quad', which I cherish. So for now, I will continue to work on my testimony and my commitment. I can't honestly say that I would move out if I was told to do so by Church authorities. So, I can see that I have some obedience and surrender issues. All I know truly is that I love Jesus Christ, I believe this is his restored Church and I feel SO blessed to be a small part of it, even if not "officially". I know that everything will work out perfectly and exactly as it should. God is in charge! All is well!:) Thank you and God Bless.
  2. I would like to be baptized and join the church, I've been studying church history and doctrines for almost a year on my own. I am taking a CES class at a local stake.The "problem" is I share a house with my best friend, of the opposite gender. We have been housemates for over 16 years. We have separate rooms and are not interested in being married or romantic with each other. We were both married to others in the past and don't want to repeat the experience. We are both seniors. He is 69 and I am 57. I am retired and dependent on his income, I cannot move out and support myself. I read in "Preach my Gospel", that you can't be baptized if you live with someone of the opposite gender. Is that true in ALL cases? I don't want to call the local missionaries or the local ward, if they are just going to tell me I have to move out to be baptized. At an open house for the Rexburg Temple, we did ask a young missionary there and she said emphatically, "You can't be baptized unless you move out." Is anyone here a bishop or someone "in authority" who could advise me on the actual rule. Thank you and God Bless!
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    Thanks for the welcome! I'm really glad to have found this site! Yes, I "work" for Romney, but not officially. I attended the "Rally for Romney" in Utah last month and did some fund raising and also met Gov. Romney. Here's the photo: Beau, Mitt and me,Mitt,Me[1].JPG
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    I just joined this forum today. I'm exploring the LDS religion. Here are my two blogs, check 'em out: