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  1. If I felt the way you do, I would speak to the Bishop. Make your repentance and then ask for a Priesthood blessing to give you the strength and determination to resist this re-occurring "hiccup". You will feel better and come away with increased power!
  2. When you visit SLC, be sure to see the new downtown City Creek Center, south of Temple Square, it is amazing!!! Has a covered retractable roof! City Creek Center | Home And for ice cream, go 40 miles south to Provo and the BYU Creamery on campus. Best ice cream, and made by BYU students and Church farm cows! BYU Creamery Welcome to Utah!
  3. Today (6/27) all day long on BYU-tv they have Media Day for BYU Football and have shows with coaches and players of BYU Football. Watching it now!
  4. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and it's been easy and feels right for me. If you would like to try it out, there is a good book explaining it (based on the Word of Wisdom), with yummity recipes. It's called, " A World of Wisdom" and it's described here: "Eating according to what is in season isn't a new idea, but it is one that is being proven to be based on a sound medical, ethical, environmental and scriptural foundation. From basic staples to scrumptious desserts, A World of Wisdom will take you through the seasons and show you how easy it is to follow the Word of Wisdom. 198 pages of seasonal, grain based, low animal products, whole foods recipes organized according to season. Includes a section on many ordinary and unusual grains with easy cooking directions." Can be ordered here: A World of Wisdom: Seasonal, Grain-based, Low Animal Product, Whole Foods Recipes (9780981694917): Amy Cox Jones: Books
  5. I've been doing alot of reading about the apostasy and I was surprised to learn that it was actually predicted and it began even before the first Apostles were gone. The book I've been learning the most from is, "The Inevitable Apostasy and the Promised Restoration" by Tad R. Callister. He is the same author who wrote, "The Infinite Atonement". It's an easy read, and he quotes James Talmage alot and makes Talmage's scholarly discourse in "The Great Apostasy" more clear. Thanks to all who joined in this discussion so far. I love to read your thoughts.
  6. I've been away from the Church for about 6 months, but now I'm back and stronger in the faith than ever before. I went back to my Catholic "roots" for a while, and while I do love some things about the Catholic Church, the love and concern I experienced from my LDS friends was overwhelming. When the Bishop came to visit me, it was answer to prayer, because I was "stuck between two loves". When I went back to my Ward last Sunday, I knew I was where I was suppose to be. I talked to the Bishop for two hours after the meetings and I learned alot about the true Priesthood. So now, I am interested in studying about The Apostasy and why the Restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel was really so necessary and vital, I would love to hear from others here about this subject. This morning I listened to two YouTube videos about this subject and learned that most all faiths had a part to play in the Father's plan. You can watch these videos HERE. I would like to hear (read) your comments on these talks, also. Thank you for this site. It's good to be back!
  7. It had some beautiful songs ....."Day by Day" and "I Don't Know How to Love Him".
  8. Has this movie been released yet??? I've never heard anything about it. Has anyone else here applied to be an extra on the Church's new movie on the New Testament? Filming starts Spring 2011, near Salt Lake City. I applied, hope they call me, but I don't know if I look Middle Eastern enough!
  9. Just reading this book now. Very interesting. Would love to hear more discussion about it, from those who have read it.
  10. Congratulations! Enjoy your new life.
  11. Welcome Alex and congratulations on your baptism! This month is the 2 year anniversary of my baptism. You will love being a member!!! I enjoy Christian music too. Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Hillsong. Living in Salt Lake City, Utah, I've been able to see the MoTab perform live several times. Always amazing!
  12. Why we study Mormon Prophecy: "I hope we are all familiar with these words of the Lord and with his predictions concerning other coming events, such as the building of the new Jerusalem and the redemption of the old, the return of Enoch's Zion, and Christ's millennial reign. Not only do I hope that we are familiar with these coming events; I hope also that we keep the vision of them continually before our minds. This I do because upon a knowledge of them, and an assurance of their reality and a witness that each of us may have part therein, rests the efficacy of Christ's admonition, "be not troubled." (Marion G. Romney, Conference Report, p.52, October 1966)
  13. I love the Mormon culture too! It seems funny to me when someone says, "Oh you're Mormon, you can't do anything." I think we have more FUN than anyone else!!!
  14. What about family members who aren't Church members? If we are someday called to gather together somewhere for safety, will a Temple Recommend holder be able to bring with them family and friends who aren't members? I can't see the Church separating family and friends in a time of emergency, but then, that does happen during Temple weddings!?! I guess this would be a different kind of event since we most likely would not be gathered inside the Temples.
  15. Are there LDS missionaries in your area? I've heard there are "work missionaries" around Adam-ondi-Ahman, and maybe some senior missionaries too. But I hope there are "door-to-door" missionaries also.