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  1. I'm praying for your family. The only Guidance that will make any difference in your situation is the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. Take time to listen. Write down what you hear and then follow instructions. Keep in mind that no matter what the outer appearances seem to be, "all is well". You will be Guided perfectly and you can learn to Trust, even when you can't see the end results. You are in God's hands and He loves you more than you can even imagine! Accept all that love and then share it it with everyone. Sounds like your husband is calling out for love, even though it's in a negative way. Try to hear what he's really saying.
  2. I don't care if the theorem is real or not. The words of the song are amazing and that's enough... Some lyrics from the hauntingly beautiful song, "If You Could Hie to Kolob" "The Works of God continue.... There is no end to Virtue There is no end to Youth There is no end to Union There is no end to Light There is no end to Wisdom There is no end to Love There is no end to Truth There is no end to Glory There is no end to Being There is no death above"
  3. I know of a sweet 16 year old boy who due to peer pressure and curiousity got into drinking and then moved on to hard drugs. He is now in recovery due to many prayers, a tough abuse recovery program and a return to his orginal 'clean' teenage friends. He loves sports. He is a huge football fan. I just don't see why he has to be bombarded with beer commercials when he watches tv football games. I know he has to face his temptations and cravings and have the strength and commitment to go past them. But really why must he be faced with "in your face" commercials promoting what could potentially lead to a relapse in his recovery? Smoking commercials were finally taken off tv, but only after millions had died from smoking. It shouldn't have to be that way. I understand football can only continue to broadcast on tv with profits made from advertising, but couldn't they get profits just as easily from advertising sporting equipment or deoderant or something less enticing and deadly for many teens? I'm glad this campaign to end beer commercials on televised college games has started. And its not just here in Utah: "This week, 60 Division I college presidents, 240 college athletic directors, and 101 football and basketball coaches from around the nation urged the NCAA and its president, Myles Brand, to end beer advertising on NCAA sports telecasts. Since 2005, more than one-third (358) of the colleges in the NCAA have endorsed a "College Commitment" pledge to eliminate alcohol advertising in televised college sports." Pressure Grows to Expel Beer Advertising from NCAA Basketball ~ Newsroom ~ News from CSPI I really don't understand why everyone wouldn't support this.
  4. I read in a newspaper somewhere that an entry in one of Joseph Smith's journals said he wanted his son Joseph to be the next leader of the Church if something happened to him. Has anyone else heard of that? Was it just a rumor?
  5. Remove Beer Commericials from NCAA Games! This is a much needed campaign and about time, in my opinion. I am for free speech and a free market, but it is a fact that alcohol abuse can kill and often leads to other serious and deadly drug abuse, especially in teens. Beer commercials should be removed from televised college sports advertising. What is your opinion? In the News: Utah colleges pushing for ban on beer commercials - PROVO - College officials in Utah are among those calling for an end to beer commercials during televised NCAA sporting events. Representatives from Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Utah State and Southern Utah have signed letters urging the ban. The effort is called the Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV. So far 60 Division 1 college presidents, 240 athletic directors and 101 football and basketball coaches have signed letters. Advertisements for cigarettes, guns, nightclubs and gambling are already prohibited college sporting events. Pressure Grows to Expel Beer Advertising from NCAA Basketball and Football College Presidents, Athletic Directors, and Coaches Appeal to NCAA Day of Praise
  6. I love Church history and I'm looking forward to the "Joseph Smith Papers" project first volume coming out later this year. It will be fun to discuss it here. Here's a question, I first learned about Church history from the fictional books of "The Work and Glory" saga. These books started me on my investigation and a desire to learn more about the Church and its history. My question is: Is The Work and Glory" series an acurate telling (though fictional) of Church history? If not, why not?
  7. I love to watch diving, swimming, gymnastics, track and field and, of course, Opening and Closing ceremonies. I can't wait to see the building where swimming and diving take place, called the Water Cube. It was inspired by 'bubbles' and took five years to build!
  8. brother01, Welcome to this site. Glad you are here! I understand your feelings totally, I feel like an "honorary Mormon" too! I don't have the "official membership" card, but I'd like to. And I've been told more than once, "you are more LDS and know more about the Mormon Church than many members I know." I like that! And I love that we are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ through our discipleship, even without "the card". God Bless! Day of Praise
  9. Welcome! You'll like this Forum. Join in.
  10. What a sweet and caring grandchild you are!!! You and your grandpa and your whole family are in my prayers. Whatever happens, I am sure your grandpa is so happy with your spiritual commitment and growth. You have made him proud, whether you attend the Temple together or not. You have been a special Blessing to him!
  11. Wow! How beautiful! Thank you sharing this. What a heartfelt prayer.
  12. I think "The Joseph Smith Papers" project is an attempt to be more transparent with Church history. I look forward to the first volume coming out later this year.
  13. If you are going to judge another, maybe just follow Jesus' example and look at their heart, not their outer appearance. Some people who dress or act "wildly" are simply crying out for Love. Jesus' #1 commandment to us, "Love one another."
  14. I think this is a great thread! I'm not a member, but I love the Church. I'm not a member because though the Church says "We welcome all.", I don't think I would be welcome due to my situation. I have a housemate, and we have shared a home (not a bedroom), for nearly 15 years. We are both seniors, we are just friends, I am retired, and he pays all the bills, I have no income. I have heard that the Church authorities would frown on my living situation. So I love the Church from afar. Maybe someday this will change and the Church will truly "welcome all". My friend and I both have a lot to give to the Church and would a blessing to many, but we can't change our living situation. In the Bible, when Jesus travelled with his disciples, he travelled with BOTH men and women. So I really don't understand the Church's rigid rules on living situations and Church membership. It's kinda heartbreaking to me. Also, another friend told me of a truly sad situation. She will soon be attending the wedding reception of a friend's daughter. The bride's mother has been a single mom and raised four children on a minimun wage income. The mom did her best and all the children are well behaved, intelligent and well loved. The mom sewed the daughter's wedding dress and has always made her children's clothes and showered them with love. But this good mom will not be allowed to attend her daughter's wedding in the SLC Temple. Though the mom is LDS, she doesn't have a temple reccommend. I guess she didn't pay the required tithing from her meager income. She raised her children with love and did the best she could, but the Church is now denying her a place at her daughter's wedding. This feels very wrong to me. I understand that tithing is really about faith and not money. But this mother used all her money for her children....and Jesus said, "what you do unto the least of these, you do unto me". So by what right does the Church have in keeping her from her daughter's Temple wedding? I DO love the Church, yet this breaks my heart! How will non- members feel on hearing this story? Will they be drawn to the Church? Will they feel the Church's Love, or will they feel the well-intentioned mother's love? I think the Church needs to become more flexible and forgiving when dealing with some issues. Jesus gave us only two "laws" as far as I can tell, "Love one another, and Love God." I guess that is why some people leave the Church. The Laws sometimes seem more overwhelming than the Love!
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    BYU Football '08 Schedule: (starts one month from tomorrow!!!!!) Aug.30....Northern Iowa Sept. 6... @ Washington Sep.13... UCLA Sep.20... Wyoming Oct. 3... @ Utah State Oct.11... New Mexico Oct.16... @ TCU Oct.25... UNLV Nov. 1... @ Colorado State Nov. 8... San Diego State [email protected] Air Force [email protected] U. of Utah GO COUGARS! TRUE BLUE!
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    Yippeeee! The Directv installer will be here TODAY (in about 20 minutes)! I think "the mountain" channel comes online next month, and we will be all set to upgrade to it. What a Blessing! We will be getting both BYU-tv and "the mountain"!!! ALMOST as good as living in Provo!
  17. I would imagine the Holy Spirit will use "whatever it takes" (movies, books, songs) to open your heart and "bring you Home". "The Work and Glory" books and movies started me on my investigation of the Church. I'm not a member yet, (because I have a male housemate and that's against the rules, even tho we're just friends and both seniors), but I LOVE the Church and I truly believe that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and the Restoration is an amazing Gift to this world. I am SO grateful that the Holy Spirit uses everything and ANYthing that will bring us closer to God. Miracles are ALL around us EVERY moment!!! God Bless!
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    I live in Utah and have been to one BYU game. It was BYU vs. Tulsa in '06 with John Beck as Quarterback. They won like 48 - 10. It was such fun!!! A torrential thunderstorm hit the area in the 4th Quarter and the game had to be stopped with about 7 minutes left, otherwise BYU could've put up a score of three digits!!! I live about 40 miles from Provo and would love to move there, JUST for the games! (not really, I'd love to attend the Tuesday morning Devotionals too, when the entire campus shuts down and everyone gathers together) The whole BYU campus is simply amazing. This spring we went to the "Legend's Grill" in the student Athlete Center on campus where the football players eat and hang out. We talked to Bryan Kehl and met Harvey Unga!!! We spent half the day there and toured the outstanding museum of past BYU sports stars, it's a three story building packed with memorabilia. On my blog, "Day of Praise", I just posted up an article from BYU NewsNet about the '08 team. They should be great!!! Day of Praise: BYU Cougars Football On A Roll If anyone in the Salt Lake City area has "The Mountain" channel which carries all the BYU games, my housemate Brian and I would really like to get to know you! Kinda smoky in Provo today at the BYU campus. There was a big fire on "Y" hill over the weekend. BYU Brimhall Webcam: Brimhall East Webcam God Bless!!! Go Cougars!:) TRUE BLUE!
  19. I've been enjoying the Church video Home and Family Collection titled "Church History". The three discs have several stories about the history of the church and its leaders and members. Some of the most interesting stories are those about how future leaders of the church initially found the Book of Mormon. There is a story about Brigham Young and another about Wilford Woodruff. Since I'll be home recovering from my cancer surgery for a few months and then undergoing radiation therapy, I need to keep my mind occupied with uplifting and inspriational material. I wonder if anyone could recommend a book that deals with this interesting subject of the Church History future Church leaders discovered the Book of Mormon. Probably the most recent Church leaders have just always grown up in the Church and always known about the Book of Mormon. But the leaders in the early Church must have come to find the Book in Mormon in many interesting, varied and miraculous ways. Someone must have written a book about this! Can anyone lead me to it? Thank you and God Bless!
  20. Who is right? Probably the FLDS and the LDS are both right in their own eyes. If Jesus or Joseph Smith were asked to make a choice, I don't really know which side they would choose. I kinda think they would both tell everyone involved to just love and pray for each other. Who is wrong? The Texas State government and the CPS. (By the way, the Texas travel/tourism slogan is appropriately, "Texas, like a whole other country") They could have gone in and taken only the children they suspected "at risk", but they took every child in the community, even infants. That makes no sense to me, and I would even call it extreme governmental abuse. These videos of the Texas FLDS children just break my heart: Happy Children at the Ranch "I Don't Want to Go" Girls Taken Away Scared, Sad, Captive Children
  21. Today I was guided to this wonderful and all-encompassing verse in D&C, and I have been told to apply it to EVERY situation in life, EVERY moment!!! What a relief! "Wherefore, hear my voice and follow me, and you shall be a free people, and ye shall have no laws but my laws when I come, for I am your lawgiver, and what can stay my hand?"~Jesus Christ (Doctrine and Covenants 38:22) Revelation given through Joseph Smith, the Prophet at Fayette, New York, January 2, 1831. I am truly blessed and dancing in gratitude!
  22. These are such great shows. I've watched each one on KJZZ here in Salt Lake. They have been repeating the previous show each week, so sometimes I get to watch them twice! I can't wait until the first printed volume comes out later this year. What a treasure!
  23. My favorite hymn AND love song is "Be Thou My Vision" Here is an excellent youtube version:
  24. I have the trailer video from the new Emma Smith movie on my blog "Day of Praise" View Movie Trailer Here
  25. I love the "pickling" talk last Spring by Elder David A. Bednar! "Ye Must Be Born Again"