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  1. Why not go to the Ward closest to you and see if the Bishop will let you join that Ward? Your goal of having your children raised in the LDS faith is GREAT! So, just go. Go this Sunday. Have fun! Go to Relief Society, tell them you are new and let the sisters love you and and give you the strength and comfort you need ! You and your children and your husband will be blessed by your faith and trust. God Bless!
  2. I'm sure you are, and I'm sure your husband must appreciate you more than you know. Give your husband the same break you are giving yourself. I'm sure he is doing the best he can. Also, give him all your support in this decision. Let him know you will be happy whatever you are guided to do as a family. Don't ever let him feel like he has let you down in anyway. Don't ever allow him to feel guilt that you are not happy with things just the way they are. Choose happiness. You can only change cannot change another. God Bless!
  3. Congratulations! What a blessing. I had my Endowments Dec. 11th. I've been back to the Temple once since then, and can't wait to go again. What an amazing privilege to do the work for others, once you've done your own. I know it will take a lifetime to understand all the Heavenly Father wants to teach me through Temple worship. I love the quote I read somewhere, but can't remember who wrote it.... " We say we love to go through the Temple, but what we really should say is 'I love to have the Temple go through me.' " Hope you are able to go to the Temple again soon! God Bless!
  4. 1. What is your favorite color? Turquoise and Pink 2. Where were you born? Detroit, Michigan (where Ford Field sits today) 3. Did you serve a mission and if so where? My mission is wherever I am. 4. Married or single? single, but live with friend 5. What is your favorite food? red grapes 6. What is your favorite movie? Avatar (wow!), Romeo & Juliet('68), Jesus of Nazareth, Legacy 7. Who is your favorite band? Temple Square Orchestra, and '60's music 8. Do you have children? hope to have children in the celestial 9. Who is your favorite author? John Lund (Work & Glory) 10. What is your hobby? Blogging 11. What is your idea of the perfect vacation? white beach, turquoise sea, mountain air 12. What is your favorite city? Cottonwood Heights, Provo, SLC, Utah; Whitefish, Montana; Coronado Island, CA 13. What is your favorite sports team? Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Utah Jazz, BYU, Notre Dame football 14. What kind of car do you drive? don't drive, would rather walk or take bus 15. What was the first car you owned? never owned a car 16. What calling do you hold in church? Relief Society Weekday Meetings (formerly Known as Enrichment Committee) 17. If you could travel anywhere in the world that you have not been to before, where would it be? Adam-ondi-Ahman, The Sacred Grove, Kirtland, Ohio, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Israel 18. What is your favorite tv show? Sunday Night Football, BYU-tv programming 19. What is your current favorite restaurant? Pei Wei (yum) 20. What event in your life gave you the biggest rush? Light Meditation
  5. I watched "The New World" movie last night, and there were a couple lines in it (between John Smith and Pocohantas) that were almost exactly word for word in "Avatar". Example, John Smith, " I thought that day in the field was just a dream, but that is ALL that's real." In another line when John Smith is just thinking to himself, as he is in the Jamestown fort, he says something like, "The real world is out there. " (where Ponchantas' tribe lives) No matter, they are both great films, and James Cameron's beautiful graphics made "Avatar" stand out, even if the story had already been told before. Tsahaylu
  6. I used to work for a company here in Salt Lake called "Feature Films for Families". They still seem to be in business, I found this link online: Feature Films
  7. I would have loved if some of you had come to my Endowment session. Really!!! I should have mentioned it on here, but I forgot. Sorry! About 6 or 7 friends from my ward came. I asked my visiting teacher to be my escort and she was great. I'm going for the second time this Tues. with my ward's R.S. sisters. We will be going to Jordan River this time, I've been there to do baptisms for the dead and it's a beautiful Temple. I can't wait to go through it. I'm glad I went to the Salt Lake Temple first, though, since they have the live drama and most other Temples show a movie of it. I'm a little concerned since I don't really remember any of the signs and tokens and words I learned the first time. I pretty much just repeated word for word after the veil worker at my first session, I'm thinking my second time will be much the same. How long does it take for you to memorize everything? I do really good at visual memorization, but since you can't "take notes" in the Temple, that's not an option. note to Deseret gov: The word is not "cultish", but I would say "symbolic". It was all about symbols, and like you, I loved that about it!
  8. I just had my Endowment session last month (Dec.11th) at the Salt Lake Temple. I didn't want to do much afterward, other than absorb the sacred experience. But as we left the Temple that evening around 7pm, we walked out into the most beautiful scene of all the Christmas Lights of Temple Square, I felt Beauty inside me, and I saw the beauty outside of me. I was infused with Light and Beauty, when I walked out of the Temple, it was all around me too! I'll treasure it forever!!! God Bless.
  9. I LOVE taking these adult classes. I never had seminary classes, since I just joined the Church in '08. In fact, these classes were a BIG part of my joining the Church! I took a couple classes even before I was a member! The classes also encouraged and helped me make it to the Temple for my endowments just one year after my conversion! (Dec. 11, 2009-Salt Lake Temple) AMAZING!!! What a wonderful Christmas season this was! In fact, this week I'm beginning two new adult classes. Yippeeee! Such fun! God Bless
  10. Hello again! It's about 10 months since I last wrote here, but Pam wrote me and asked how I was doing, and I really started missing writing here. I'm posting this under the Avatar thread, because I've really been getting into it. I've seen it twice (both times in 3D and once at IMAX) and can't wait to see it again. I've even started a blog about it! Tsahaylu And on my LDS blog, I did a post about it, and how Joseph Smith's Pure Language and the language of the Na'vi could be connected. Day of Praise Also, if you haven't yet heard the James Horner soundtrack, be sure to. It's beautiful! God Bless!
  11. I want to share a beautiful video of love, peace, and hope. The song is by Kenneth Cope, "Your Father's Child". Tomorrow is my birthday, and it will be the first one I celebrate as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am grateful beyond words to be my Father's child. We are ALL Children of our Father in Heaven. Christ is the way back to Him. The producer of this video has some other really powerful and passionate videos on YouTube. Many are about the incredible changes coming quickly to our world. They offer both a great warning and a great hope. YouTube - davidkat99's Channel Check them out. God Bless
  12. There is just two of us, but we have begun to build a 3 month supply of the foods we regularly eat. My question is...we always have a fresh salad every night....lettuce, spinach, celery, etc. What is the best way to duplicate that in food storage? I don't know how to can vegetables, but I've never heard of canned salad veggies, anyway. This week I planted two red lettuce seeds in an indoor pot to see if growing indoors would be a good option for winter. Any other suggestions?
  13. How do I change my vote? When I first voted I was "non-denominational Christian", since Nov. '08, I am LDS. Yahooooo!
  14. Jolee, Are you in or near Salt Lake City? The bookstore at BYU-Salt Lake, (right next door to LDS Business School), has these shirts. Infact. the bookstore is in the Business college building, if you have that number. The phone number for BYU-Salt Lake is (801)933-9400. I'm sure they can transfer you to the bookstore or give you the direct number. I'm attending BYU-Salt Lake and auditing a class on "The Book of Mormon" taught by popular youth speaker and bestselling LDS book author, John Bytheway. I had a class just this morning, and I feel so blessed to be a student there ! We are in 2Nephi now, my favorite!!! Tell your daughter congratulations!!!
  15. I'd like to read them. Who is the author?
  16. Mrs. Bambi...everyone says I have "doe eyes". What is your favorite Disney line? Mine has always been, since I was 5yrs. old, "Bibbity Bobbity Boo", I don't know why, I just love the sound of it!
  17. What a loving ward family! You are very blessed to be a part of it.
  18. This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen!!! I've been watching it over and over and over today! Share it with someone you love. "There is no end to being, There is no end to truth, There is no end to light, There is no end to spirit, There is no end to love, There is no death above."
  19. Fun and magical for the kid in all of us... "Walking In The Air" from "The Snowman"
  20. This gives me goosebumps! O Come O Come Emmanuel - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  21. Why not get her some LDS fiction books to get her interested first. I loved: "The Work and the Glory" series by Gerald Lund " Master" by Toni Sorenson "The Barrington Family Saga" series by Anita Stansfield Any woman can relate to these stories and they just might get your wife to open up and ask questions. She will be in my prayers. God Bless!
  22. Welcome to the site! There are lotsa good friends here, and they will make you feel like family. Just a suggestion, when life seems complicated. the simple answer is always...take your concerns and questions to your Heavenly Father, he will direct your path and your burdens will be lightened. Guaranteed! A simple prayer, "Father, Please help me." God Bless You!
  23. I am truly thankful for my baptism last Sunday and my confirmation this Sunday into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! I'm grateful for this website, for the missionaries. for the Gospel and for the Greatest Love I have ever known. I am blessed beyond measure.
  24. I'm just new to the Church, but I think this is an idea worth looking at. I know I would love to live in the "State of Deseret", as Utah and much of the West used to be called. Your website is inviting and looks professionally done, but you do need a proof-reader. On this page, "Recognition Movement", I found a couple errors in the text, Nation of Deseret: Online Government Interface For example, you cannot say "not many people no of it", and be taken seriously. Probably this is just a typing error, so you really do need a proof-reader. If I become a "citizen", I will volunteer! Are the current members mostly in Utah? I live in Cottonwood Hgts. Hope to learn more about this "Nation of Deseret" through this forum!