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  1. I enjoyed everyone's comments about this subject. My point goes along with abqfriend in that the mission field is everywhere and we need to be careful not to soley rely on our experiences we had in the mission. I hope we all keep our candles burning and do the things that allowed us to feel so close to God while on the mission.
  2. On my other blog: Grace for Grace, I wrote about the phrase: "When I was on my mission." It seems like we hear it so often, but I wonder why we have to fall back to our missions? Why don't we share current experiences more often?
  3. Come visit my site and see what others had to say. Feel free to leave your input there. Click here to visit the site.
  4. ama49

    Same sex marriage. Impact begins

    Father put in Jail for not Allowing Same-sex Marriage to be Taught to his Child at School Grace for Grace
  5. ama49

    one God

    Hi Shadowhunter, I've grappled with this question as well in the past. I have members of my family who are not in the LDS church and others who are. Those who are not in the LDS church feel that it is blasphemy to say there is more than one God, but there are numerous occasions in the scriptures that show there is more than one God. For example, in Genesis it says "let us make man in our image." A talk by an LDS General Authority, Jeffery R Holland gave a very good talk that has helped me with learning about the nature of God and why it is important. Here's a site with the talk "The Grandeur of God" Favorite General Conference Talks by Mormon Prophets Grace for Grace
  6. Hi everyone, Sorry for the confusion of the link to the study. Like I say in the post, it's an older study done in 2000, but the link to the study that says temple marriages have only a 6% divorce rate is updated....
  7. Mormon Temple Marriages have only 6% Divorce Rate Grace for Grace
  8. Response to Criticism of Joseph Smith’s “Lectures on Faith” Grace for Grace
  9. 11 Steps to Putting the Lord before Your Money and Getting out of Debt Grace for Grace
  10. This is funny. I wrote about this a few months back over on my blog at Grace for Grace. I think it's possible to read the Book of Mormon and not be fully converted to Mormonism. If one simply reads the Book of Mormon it reads Protestant. Where Mormonism takes a sharp turn away from the mainstream is in latter revelations given through Joseph Smith, such as the King Follett discourse. Regarding the issue of the historicity of the Book of Mormon, I wrote about that as well. Check it out on my site and let me know what you think: Faith and Historicity of the Bible and Book of Mormon Grace for Grace
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    New Book of Mormon Study on BYU-TV

    Thanks for the link! How's the Book of Mormon study coming along?
  12. Faith and Historicity of the Bible and Book of Mormon Grace for Grace
  13. I would love to hear your comments on my site about this. Please stop by at: Grace for Grace
  14. JBS and PrisonChaplain, Thanks for the references to the book...I'll have to check it out.
  15. To all of you for your comments. i'm going to copy them and paste them in on my site for those who visit the site to see. I would welcome more comments from you in the future as well! Grace for Grace