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Found 3 results

  1. So, Husband and I have been looking at finances and our money and all that stuff. We will have enough money to put us debt free (a car loan plus student loans, the student loans being the vast majority of debt) by summer. OR We could take that money and get a little house. On one hand, being debt free would be awesome and give us more wiggle room each month. On the other hand, it may be years before we have enough money for a down payment again and most of this debt is student loans. Any input or thoughts? The other question: We're getting a little antsy to move out of my grandmother's basement apartment (we want the baby to have her own room, all of our stuff is in a storage unit, we're living on top of my grandmother's stuff she doesn't want to move somewhere else, etc.) But when we brought up the possibility of either buying a house or renting a place, my grandmother became rather sad (why do you want to leave me?) She's about as healthy as any 85-year-old, has many friends, etc. But she is getting absent-minded and she loves having the company about. Basically, we're now wondering if we shouldn't hang around until another grandchild expresses a desire to move into the basement (we're like the 4th set over the years).
  2. Hello! A couple of weeks ago I came across a General Conference talk where a general authority related some counsel given to a man about his debts. The man owed another individual, and made a statement something like, ''what about my house''? the counsel was given, ''so what about your house, wouldn't you rather honor your commitments? or wouldn't your wife rather you honor your commitments made that man? This talk was in the 70's or 80's I believe. is there anyone out there that can help me relocate this talk, session, etc.? Thanks.
  3. I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year now, and we have talked about marriage in our future. We both want to take it slow though since we both have been divorced previously. I don't want to marry him until he gets his debts tied to his ex paid off. Now, we are talking over 30,000 in debt still combined from a foreclosed house credit line and a student loan in both of their names. They just started agreeing to make a payment plan for both, but it looks like it could take centuries to pay off since its not huge sums of money going out. I am afraid that if we were to get married...we would just argue about his ex and their debt...I also don't want them coming after me if she's not paying; since they want the money from somewhere. What can he do!? Am I asking too much or being a financial snob? This is a sore spot in our relationship since he constantly has to be in contact with his ex about all this debt. Grrr Let me know your thoughts...I want to hear them!