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Found 4 results

  1. So me and my husband are about to finalize our divorce. We are talking about still living together...just a basic friends roommate like. Nothing sexual. Is it sinful or completely against what church leaders would say and would disciplinary action be taken. If we choose to cohabitate after the divorce is finalized. Would it be against Heavenly Father and we wouldn't receive blessings that we could of had if not living under the same roof.
  2. I am new to this site and so far I think it is pretty good site. I am 59 and have been a member of the Church for 32 years. I love the Lord and look forward to finding other people who enjoy discussing the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I tell people when they first meet me that I am not like any woman you have ever met before or are likely to meet. I am not crazy, but I do enjoy life. I have various hobbies and enjoy learning how to do them better. In fact I like learning. There is a website that will help you learn more, but I am not sure if I can tell you the website, al though I have no direct ties to it. I am divorced, but no children. When I was younger , not having children did not bother to awful much. But now that I am older, I sure wish I had grandchildren to spoil. well it was glad to talk to y'all. Stop by and say hello if you got a minute.
  3. In our Quorum we have a someone who was a member with the melchizedek Priesthood years ago. For whatever reason he became divorced and had his name removed from the records. He and his current wife recently moved to our Ward and they became interested in the Gospel to the point they were re Baptized. He has been told that in order to give him the Priesthood they have to reinstate his orignial one which will reactivate his sealing to his first wife. He was told the only option was to get his ex wife to agree to removing the sealing. He knows she will not agree to do this since they have older children together. As a result he and his new wife are going to leave the church as they can not progress further without the Priesthood and it is difficult to attend and hearing about Priesthood duties etc and knowing he can't. Does anyone know of a way the church would allow him to receive the Priesthood without reactivating the sealing or how he can have the sealing removed without his ex wife's permission?
  4. I've been wondering for awhile now about my situation and my parents with regard to a temple sealing. So my parents are divorced and my mom, myself and a few other family members joined the church afterward. My question is whether I can be sealed to my mother and my father individually, without having them sealed to each other. Any thoughts?