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  1. Thank you for stating that, james12! As to your question, cwilli24, the important thing to consider is not "what punishment will I receive?", it's "am I willing to do whatever it takes to fully repent of what I've done?" You may be excommunicated (not to use this as a way to get a plug in for my blog, but I wrote an entry on this very topic, here) to prevent the further breaking of your temple covenants. If that happens, you mustn't feel like you're being punished. If you read nothing else (in my blog post or elsewhere), I hope it's that excommunication is a form of saving grace, to prevent further damage from being done to yourself; too many people consider it a punishment when that's not actually what it is. With hard work, devotion and doing what you know is right, along with some fervent prayers, I know you'll be able to pull through this and be sealed with her in the temple - good luck!
  2. That's what I was thinking, because the Word of Wisdom was adapted for "the weakest of all saints," so if we don't consider ourselves weak (not just 'cause we're full of pride, haha), then cooking with or consuming a little alcohol shouldn't be "bad." Although, we might hit a snag going in for a temple recommend interview when we're asked if we obey the Word of Wisdom. "Kinda sorta," might not cut it in that scenario...
  3. I know it's a relatively trivial, and highly personalized Word of Wisdom-related question, but where do you personally stand on cooking with, or eating something cooked in alcohol?
  4. And I like the way you think, Moshka.
  5. Pam: Yeah, I know they'll have to be dead. As much as I love them and hope they'll join the church and/or be in full activity, I understand the reality of it is slim. But postmortem, do they have to be sealed to each other in order to be sealed to me? I ask this because I know my mother's wishes are that I not have them sealed after she's dead (which I won't unless otherwise prompted (can't say for sure, people change), although I have no objection to my children doing the work for them). Maureen: We do temple work for people who were members of other churches when they were alive, and like with that it's their decision whether or not they acknowledge the work we do. I imagine it's the same for postmortem marriages of formerly divorced couples.
  6. I've been wondering for awhile now about my situation and my parents with regard to a temple sealing. So my parents are divorced and my mom, myself and a few other family members joined the church afterward. My question is whether I can be sealed to my mother and my father individually, without having them sealed to each other. Any thoughts?
  7. Haha, I'm very much looking forward to leaving it behind when I receive my call - it can be fun, but it's also exhausting. Additionally, I know there's no place for that on a mission, so I'm working on curving my argumentative side. Thanks, I'll check that out!And thank you, mynewlife and dazed-and-confused, I'm excited about being here
  8. I'm obviously new, being that I'm posting here. I've been a member for 7 years (come this November) and I'm waiting five months until I can submit my papers. I absolutely love doing research on our doctrine and have a special focus when it comes to anti-Mormon drivel - in that I enjoy dissecting what they have to say about us and showing it to be false. After posting on my blog (which I shamelessly advertise), I was looking for other religious blogs, specifically LDS, and came across an anti-Mormon blog, which was mostly trash as far as I could tell. Anyway, I've been interested in joining a forum of some kind just to discuss topics with other people and when I came across the anti blog I decided a LDS-friendly forum would suit me just fine. So I checked out Google for some "Mormon forum"s and this was the first result - so here I am!