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Found 1 result

  1. Today I read yet another of what has recently seemed to be an endless series of Covid-19 victim stories in the Deseret News. What frustrates me about each of these stories is that nowhere is it mentioned that the unfortunate patients could have easily been treated with Ivermectin, which carries a risk profile roughly on the order of a doctor telling you to take two ibuprofen and call them in the morning. Most Covid-19 patients are told by their doctors to go home and head to a hospital if things get worse. Why not at least offer some possible low-risk help in the interim? I can't guarantee it will work, but who wouldn't take some aspirin each day if it might help? Even if you are a doctor that doesn't believe it works, isn't it enough that critical care doctors at hospitals all over the United States use it to treat Covid patients every single day, and they swear by it? ( FLCCC Alliance ) If there is little to no risk, and your patient is suffering, doesn't your Hippocratic Oath at least motivate you to try something that other doctors use to successfully treat their patients? What's the worst that can happen? Maybe it doesn't work, but by day 15 shouldn't you have tried it? Patients all over the country have sued their hospitals to get access, and have won the right to take Ivermectin. Then they get better, and post their stories in videos that are censored as "misinformation". But even more frustrating is that the hospitals rarely acknowledge they were wrong, turn a blind eye to the patients getting better, and keep denying patients the right to be treated with this simple and safe medicine. To me, this dereliction of medical duty almost borders on abuse! You don't have to believe that something works in order to try it, especially when you have no other options to offer your patients and the health risk is near zero. Sometimes I have to remember that the medical establishment ridiculed Australian doctors J. Robin Warren and Barry Marshall for decades before admitting that Helicobacter pylori was the bacterial cause of peptic ulcer disease and began prescribing antibiotics. Unfortunately, IMHO the media is needlessly helping to inflict suffering upon Covid-19 patients by actively censoring the patient successes of Ivermectin treatment. It's not hard to find successes - if the media would seek, they would find. Then they could present a more balanced view to the public.