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I thought of building a program for this (Sense I'm a computer programer) It would have the Alphabet and then you can add any sub topics under it. Then it would just have a word page (text pad type thing) and you put any quotes about it in that section. It would need a database and that kind of made it a little more complicated which is probably why I never did it. But I might try it again in Java sense I have been working in that lately.

I use to just paste them in Word. You could set up more of some folder files and stuff on your hard drive.

Mean have a folder of Quotes (ANother one for Poems, and so on). then In that you could either have a word document for each Subject (like Atonement, Word of Wisdom) and do it that way. That way you only have documents for the actually quotes. It wouldn't be that hard to use, You could back it up really easy to a CD (just copy it over) And it would get the job done?

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Can anyone recommend any ways of storing quotes, poems etc. I used to use index cards but this is too time consuming. Does anyone have the skills to build some software?

Can you send me some of your quotes and talks. This sounds like a good idea and i think i can do soemthing that we can install and store on our personal computer. (Free also) But i need various topics so that i can create a small database.

Send me a private msg and I'll send you my email.

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