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My daughter has to give a talk in primary Sunday and I'm not sure where to find a talk for her. She's only had to give a talk once before and I had less than 24 hours notice, so I just found a really short poem for her to memorize. Does anyone know of any good resources I can use? I've got a lot on my plate right now, so the shorter it is the better. I'm really picky about making sure she memorizes it. Either short or easy. Thanks! :)

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Kyra, do you get the "Friend"? That is a good place to find ideas/stories for Primary children.

I don't, my mom does though and I usually just steal hers. I'll have to see if she has this months.

The church website will give you the theme for the month.


Thanks, I wasn't sure where to find it. Our presidency has been busy getting ready for the primary program Sunday so they didn't tell me what the theme was. I should know already though, since I'm in the primary! LOL I'm just the pianist though, so I don't really pay attention to anything except keeping my daughter under control.

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This is probably really too late but have picture! It really helps the talk to have visuals for the younger children. Your library should have GAK (gospel art kit) picture you can borrow. And have her bear a little testimony too. That always helps get the message you want across (not there is much of a message from a 4 or 5 year old but if they get up there and only say a small testimony, it's been a success!) :)

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