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Looking for any info on a place called At The Crossroads, it is in St. George Utah and we are thinking about sending our son there. We have just found out in the past month after he was arrested that he had a problem. I guess deep down inside we knew but just didn;t accept. He now is in alot of trouble and we are worried sick..He just finished a 28 day treatment center and is doing very well but the court system is insisting on a longer extended treatment center..Any advice?

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before i was LDS, i went to a place in arizona called, the meadows, after which it was strongly recomended that i go to a half-way house, which i didn't do due to financial concerns.

there is also sierra tucson, in catalina, just north of tucson, az.

is a half-way house an option? could the center that you son went to recommend one to you?

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he can get free help with alcoholics anonymous, attends daily meetings, (gets his paper signed everyday), sponsor can keep judge informed. do you see signs of a spiritual awakening that happens with recovery? or more of the same ole same ole? don't spend money if spiritual recovery is not observable.

as parents, i would get son to sign a paper that he will pay you back for this expense.

do you know about al-anon? for yourselves?

crossroads Utah

What is included:

• Individual or shared room

• Daily supervision and program support from

• Crossroads Staff.

• Monitoring of academic & job performance.

• Cooking Classes and nutrition training

• Expert assistance in resume development

• Mock Interviews

• Franklin-Covey "FOCUS" System Journal

• Random drug testing

• Workbook on improving relations for student

• and family.

• Athletic club membership

• Achiever's Club meetings, with LMFT

• Bus pass

• Daily devotionals

• Personal financial training

• Expert advice on developing and improving

• personal credit

• Attendance for ALL immediate family members

at the multi-day family seminar (including hotel

stay and some meals)

What is NOT included:

• Food, Clothing, Personal items

• Therapeutic counseling

• Phone charges

• Educational and Employment related costs

• Health care insurance and needs

• Family members stay at more than one-multi day


• Transportation

Initial Costs:

Non-Refundable Application Fee of $75

Non-Refundable, Enrollment Fee of $4,000

Monthly Program Fee:

$3,500 per month.

PAY ATTENTION _ IT DOESN"T INCLUDE COUNSELING! whats' the point? a lah dee dah place to stay.

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Is the judge saying he has to go to long term treatment or go to jail? Long term treatment with good follow up supports like AA and NA are best to prevent relaspe which is almost always happens with kids.Also depends on his level of addiction drugs like Cocain and opates some times take many etempts to break the cycle.

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