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LDSnet Google Joke

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Thought I would just make one up...

St. Peter and Elphaba were standing around the Google portal two hundred years from now, when a couple of LDSnet guys walk by. They said hello and then Palerider asks, "What do all those colors in the Google sign stand for anyway?".

Bytor interrupts and said, "Let me guess, the blues in the G's are for Democrats, the reds in the O and E are for Republicans, the gold O is for goodness and the green L is for wealth".

Palerider then exclaims, "Hey, that's neat!", "We get four out of five".

St. Peter shakes his head yes and the four LDSneters resume their discussions and mosey on down the path.

When they were out of sight, Elphaba asks St Peter why he told a fib. St. Peter replied, "The answer made them feel better and besides, Bytor got it right and Palerider was only off by one".


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Oh, my aching back!

Once again, the righteous Protestant stomps on the bedeviled Mormon. We're such victims....

Sheesh, first it was the Missourians, now it's the Washingtonians... is there no relief? :D

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