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So I don't know who all knows about this as it has apparently been a while coming but there is going to be musical made- "The Book of Mormon on Broadway". Now before you get too excited it is done by the creators of South Park.

As many of you know they both consider the Church as full of ignorant religious fanatics who don't know their history. As such I would not expect this film to necessarily portray the church in good light. They said in an interview that two missionaries from Utah are sent to Africa with a set of tools (the gospel) and realize that their set of tools can't help them in the situations they are facing. (for the above see the video below)

The Book of Mormon the Musical

They anticipated that it will be loved by the Mormon community so maybe it's not all bad..

They have aired Mormon related shows in the past including a rather narrow look on the Joseph Smith story on an episode of South Park and a fulltime movie Orgasmo.

The first showings are to start next month (Feb). Thoughts? I'm not sure how big this will be, I would hazard to guess that it will not be well known about. It will raise some curiosity about the book of Mormon and will probably keep a few missionaries busy.

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