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Just ask of me, I'll walk a mile

Nay, I shall make it twain

Or call to me in dark of night

I'll rush to soothe your pain

Awake me from the deepest sleep

I'll gladly ease your fear

Cry out and I will run to you

However far or near

You're as a golden fleece to me

A chalice fine and rare

A treasured stone, a costly gem

A pearl beyond compare

And naught could dim you in my eyes

No storm could have a part

No loss of fortune, weakness, flaw

Could tear you from my heart

No suffering I would not endure

No hardship, sorrow, grief

To reach, to touch, to comfort you

As balm for your relief

Could never look away from you

Nor see you without seeing

As silver thread you're woven

In the fibres of my being

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Thank you. This poem is one of special meaning for me, as is probably obvious.

I wrote my first poem when I was 4 years old, though I could not yet write. But, the poem came to me one night as I was supposed to be sleeping and when it did I had to get up and go tell it to my mother and she wrote it down for me.

I may have written a few little things in grade school as assignments. Probably also when making cards for my mother as a child I may have written a verse or two. But I really didn't start writing poetry until I was about 25 and then, still, infrequently.

I've have not written that many either. I'd say, probably 35 or so is all and most of those are fairly recent, in the last few years.

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