M. Russell Ballard (Saturday am session)

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So large and so vast are God's creations.

The source of the Priesthood power is God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ.

The keys of this priesthood authority to bless others and to bind in heaven that which is bound on earth is the power of the priesthood.

The power of the Priesthood is only good as long as those who are exercising it are doing so righteously.

Christ is at the head of this church which has been organized.

Men and women have different but equally valuable roles.

Men and women should strive to follow our Father in Heaven. This should be our focus.

All of us have access to the Priesthood.

The power of the Priesthood is to be used to succor the weak and strengthen feebles knees.

As spiritual children of our Heavenly Father, we have unlimited divine potential.

Those who hold the priesthood but fail to honor it will not receive the blessings inherent in the power of the Priesthood.

The same Priesthood power that created worlds should be the same power used to succor our families and our neighbors.

A new leadership training is available on lds.org. The First Presidency has asked Stake Presidents and Bishops to set aside a day that all in the wards and stakes can view. This should also be used in families such as Family Home Evening.

If anyone thinks there testimony is less than what it should be then turn to the teachings of the Savior.

God has freely given His power to those that are worthy to receive His Priesthood.

May we be wise and seek to strengthen our lives, our families and the church through the power of the Priesthood.

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