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I have a problem and I need some advice. I'm new to this religion and I recently told my mom about it and she let me go to church on Sunday, but after that she started researching the religion and found all of this bad and untrue things about it, so now she won't let me go anymore. What do I do? If I can't go to church, then what should I do? She never really liked Mormons in the first place and it's been a while since I went and I asked her the other day and she said no.

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I suspect you're a teen.  The LDS Church tries to support the family as best they can because we believe in eternal families.  So, the Church is not going to advice you to put a strain on your relationship with your mom.  So, if she really doesn't want you to go to Church, then you really shouldn't go.


But this does not mean that you can't "live the Mormon life".  You can continue to study the scriptures (they're online on lds.org) and any of the talks in the magazines (New Era/Friend/Ensign also on lds.org) and even the Sunday School manuals (also on lds.org).  Pray and try to learn to hear how the Spirit talks to you.  Also, you can ask to be taught by online missionaries on Mormon.org.


In the meantime, you can try to raise awareness with your mother by telling her of the good stuff Mormons do - like you can ask her if she'd be interested in watching that movie "We are the Mormons" or something... or even just saying things like - Did you know that the Candy Bomber is Mormon?  Or... do you know that David Archuleta is Mormon?  Or... did you know that the writer of the original Battlestar Galactica is Mormon?  Etc. etc. etc.

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Obedience to your parents is a Gospel principal. Until such time as you are emancipated, you should honor her. Other than that, I echo Anatess. Live a Gospel centered life. Your mother will notice and appreciate it. Obviously you had some influences in your life that brought you to the Gospel. Stay close to those. 


If your mother is a person of faith, you might point out that the anti-Mormon folks are either anti-religion, or anti-any-church-but-mine. They are just as critical of Catholics and Muslims and Buddhists, etc. With the exception of some ex-Mormons, with an ax to grind, most have baseless claims about our faith. 

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Guest MormonGator

If you are a minor, you have to listen to your mom. 


Even if you are an adult, converting can be hurtful to your parents. My mom was very angry and I converted when I was 33. 

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You are just at the beginning of your faith and there is a lot to learn! Take it slow. Remember to look for the bigger context of the situation.


We have an apologetics organization called FAIRMormon. I suggest you contact them with your situation and your Mother's questions.

And like the Catholic Church, we don't always have a squeaky clean history. Leaders have made mistakes in judgement or we haven't been the most progressive. Be kind to people of the past.

Best Wishes.

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Do you have a set of our scriptures? If you haven't finished the Book of Mormon, I suggest you do that (then move on to the Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price).

The more you read and understand our religion, the more your mother will respect your choices.

Just because you can't go to church doesn't mean you can't partake in the Gospel.

Our sponsored university Brigham Young University has a TV station called BYU TV. Click around and watch old episodes of devotionals and talks.

BYU Studies also has great study tools for scripture study.

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Your Mom is trying to protect you from getting hurt.  She's doing so in her ignorance (meaning her lack of information).


If you are a minor, you may have to go with her wishes, but you can do a LOT online from valid sources like LDS.org the Mormon Channel etc.


Some converts struggle for years to get family to accept their personal choices, which is no different than any change anybody makes, to join or leave the church, to attend one college or even get one job over another.  So any resistance is to be expected by those who love you regardless of the truth of it all or not.


My suggestion (if I knew you) would be to show the greatest love and kindness in a Christlike manner, and do your best.  Bring missionaries to teach you in your home, pray often, and show your Mother that being Mormon brings you closer to Christ, your family, and also makes you a better person.  She will, as time goes on, give you more latitude, as she feels the Spirit work in her life, to help her sort out the false information from the truth. ALL light you bring into your home, brings this spirit of truth and light, and you my friend, get to be a partner with Christ in this effort in your own home.


Welcome to life.

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