Very cool ATM

Dr T

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It is very cool, thanks.  I saw that the dispensed cash wasn't U.S. currency, but the customers didn't speak with an accent, so I was confused until I saw the comment about this thing being in Canada.  What a civilized nation Canada is!  If this device had been manufactured in the United States, it would not thank people but would instead comment sarcastically on customers' weight and attire.  


I cannot imagine that this interaction was done by a software program, unless it's part of some publicity campaign for The Imitation Game.  There must be a human back there somewhere driving the interaction, which I believe UX engineers call the "Wizard of Oz" technique in usability testing.


Emotions are often more contagious than MRSA.  We should all be thanking people more.  Thank you, Dr T, for posting this.  Thank you, pam, for your interesting question.  Thank you, reader, for getting this far in my post.  And thank you, PolarVortex, for your insightful reply. 

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