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It seems like once a person enters the link to a YouTube video into a post, it's there forever even if they don't hit the submit button. 

I tried to drop some YouTube videos into a post as part of the "music interests" thread, only to realize that the album artwork in the video, when magnified to the extent that the board magnifies images, shows something that's against the RoC. I've tried several times to delete the video out of the post, but to no avail. It's still sitting there in the field for creating new posts. 

If it was just the raw link, I could probably have deleted it by now. Instead, the post field automatically converts the link to an embedded video, and nothing I do will remove it. I can highlight it, but the delete key does nothing and the backspace key actually moves me back through to the previous page. 

Is there any way to purge things?


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Try one of the following:

1) Put your cursor in some text, not a quote and not the video.  Press Ctrl+A to select all.

2) If there's text you want to save for re-use, press Ctrl+X to cut the entire content of the reply window.  If you just want to be rid of everything, press Delete (if that doesn't work, try the backspace key).

3) If you cut the content so you can use the text, open up a text editor like Notepad (All Programs > Accessories > Notepad) or MS Word* and paste the text there.  Then you can copy out only the parts you want.  *If you paste into MS Word, I strongly recommend you use Ctrl + Alt + V and choose to paste as unformatted text.


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