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True warrior

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About four years ago i noticed things were missing.  At first i thought it was me misplacing things.  Later as time went on it was evident that there was a spirit in my home that was not fond of me.  I prayed n prayed that the spirit would leave.  I even had the missionaries come over to cast the spirit out.  Still my things came up missing.  New things i bought would come up missing constantly.  So i moved i live in a huge city so i moved accross town.  Wow it was so peaceful for a time.  So now this last weekend my stuff started missing.  My sunday suit i placed on my couch to take to dry cleaners on the floor behind my tv and couch.  I am a member of the church.  

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Do you have periods where you blackout?

Do you have any friends over to your place?

Do you lock the doors and windows when you leave?

The thing is that I wouldn't jump to the conclusion of evil spirits being the culprit.  First rule out all mundane possibilities.

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Yes i live alone.  No friends come over.  No black outs.  I have a ps 4 missing but the games are still there.  Bought a huge bag of m+ms all of them in groups of colors.  Pop can emptied on my recliner.  Bought a shirt with my kids when we went to six it went missing.  The remote to the cable box in the dryer.  If someone was going to break in why all that weird stuff going on. Why the games to the ps4 still there.  No evidence of break in.  Door still locked.  I get chills when things are moved.  Like an evil presence.   You know when u feel the spirit it feels warm.  So opposite of that.

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11 hours ago, True warrior said:

The m and ms are this. 20170417_183136.thumb.jpg.d24ed599fad8b4b80e93ca5b8dddaeb6.jpg

Yea, so the Mt Dew is probably the source of the evil spirits.  KIDDING!

I don't know what to tell you.  I know many will disagree.  But I'm of the opinion that evil spirits simply can't move stuff around like that.

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My best friend had Poltergeist(s) in her home. But it/they were never as neat and nice as yours is. Those M & M's would have been all over the floor as well as the table scarf, bowl. The candles would have been on the floor as well, but they would have been lit. The keys would be gone - forever gone. She NEVER found her and her husbands keys. They kept the house key on a chain around their neck and the other keys = car, office, etc in a pouch put into the hole in the tree next to their parked car.

When they moved from their little one bedroom cottage into the two bedroom 2 bath three story home after their first child was born, they unfortunately packed the(m) up with them.

They also acquired a St. Bernard (hubbies dog that his parents were tired of caring for) and an older rescued cat. The dog wasn't afraid of the poltergeist, he would chase around the house and bark at corners and at the basement steps. The cat on the other hand took up watch at the babies bedroom door and would only allow Mom, Dad and me to enter.

It never dawned on them to have their Parish Priest come over and bless the house.

After their second child was born 3 years later, they moved. With having a 3.5 yo toddler and now a new born - plus Mommy had toxemia during the last month of her pregnancy. She just wasn't in any mood or shape to contend with the time consuming, energy draining, irritating hi-jinks of the poltergeist. So, we went to the UWash library and read up on them. Hers could have been much, much more destructive. She didn't want to confront it to find out why it was still in this mortal earthly realm. She just didn't want it moved with them to the next house.

So we found that when we packed up the house, to NOT seal the boxes and bags IN THE HOUSE. To take them outside, well away from the door & windows,  open them up, sort of *fluff* or *rummage* around in the contents, THEN seal the flaps or tie the bags closed. THEN before they even entered the new house, they had their new Parish Priest come over and bless the house. THEN before they entered with the boxes & bags, they were opened at the curb side, *fluffed* & *rummaged*, then carried into the house.

It worked. No activities at the new house. The dog never barked at corners, the cat didn't walk around always fluffed out and looking like she was going to hiss & attack at any moment. Items no longer disappeared.

They were really concerned about getting back their cleaning deposit from the previous house because the knobs from the stove had gone missing as well as the chains that turn on the overhead fans & hanging lights. They would have to replace them at their own cost and money was really tight.

Before they cleaned up the old house, they had their new Parish Priest come bless the house - then we all started to clean the place up. Lo and behold EVERYTHING that had gone missing over the years were suddenly laying in a heap in front of the basement door.

Yes, my girlfriend & her family are Catholic. I am LDS. BUT I believe in spirits roaming among us.

You, my friend, either have a poltergeist or you have multiple personalities, and one of those personalities is doing this. So, get yourself a Nanny Cam, set it up where it can catch movement - for my girlfriend it would have been in the hallway where the basement door and the steps leading to the upstairs are. You probably won't see the embodied spirit, but you will catch the items moving around.

Every home I have ever lived in, even during the 30 years I was inactive, I had the Bishop/Branch President come and bless the home. Since my then husband was NOT LDS, I went to the priesthood holders in the church.

I also suggest that when you do have the Priesthood holders come to bless your house, you open ALL the drawers, doors and windows in your home. They don't have to be wide open, but just enough to put your fingers in up to the palm of your hand. Well, open the windows and exit doors WIDE.  This will give the spirit(s) a way out of your home.

Good luck.

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